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Photographed Some ASEs - Rainbow Toning and 20th Anniversary Set (part 5)

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Part 5 of this N-part series are some ASEs. I have a lot of them. I have no desire to photograph 1-2 dozen coins that all look alike. So, I've just focused on 6 of them:


This coin and the next I purchased for $5 each +$2 back in 1996 or '97. The $2 was for a black case. Whatever's in the case has caused them to tone, but it must be in the "roof" of the case and not the actual material that touches the coins. Both coins have been steadily toning over the last decade or so. The '95 is not unattractive, but it's not incredibly colorful. The '96, on the other hand, is pretty much the definition of rainbow toning, with magenta through red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, and blue. The colors are as close to in-hand as I can get them, though I think the '95 is slightly darker in the picture than it is in real-life.


The reverse of the '95 has more toning than the '96, and I think that's because it gets lose more often. I'm considering leaving them deliberately ajar in their cases for 6 months to see what happens to the reverses -- is that a good idea?







My grandpa was on this Littleton coin kick for the last few years of his life, not knowing anything about coins but knowing I collected and then I assume getting a catalog in the mail at one point and thinking it'd make a nice present. It's in, effectively, a plastic flip embedded in a cardboard Littleton Coin holder, and I guess it's reasonably air-tight because the toning over the last ~13 years has been minimal.





Then there's the 20th Anniversary Set. I bought it from the Mint and I should've bought more given the HUGE premiums on the reverse proof version. Note that these were photographed at the beginning of the week when I was doing different things with the lighting, so the burnished uncirculated one has different highlights. Photographing the reverse proof was a "spoon"-deserving word. This was about the best I could do.








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Very nice pics there Astro. I love the toning on that 96'. I have a complete set of these in a dansco and I'm starting to get some of the light brown tone to some of these also. If they eventually look like that 96' I'll be very happy!

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Thanks. I normally prefer blast-white coins, and when those two initially started to tone a few years ago, I was not happy. But, I kinda like how they're turning out, and they're not huge-money items nor really part of a set such that their different appearance will make them look out of place.

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