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To the Owner of the Bright Neon Green Toned PCI Kennedy half...

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Would you please show it off again? I had saved a photo of it, but it is now missing.


I love the look of the coin and hope you, as the owner, are reading this and will post it here again!


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Either way, I love the coin and would like to see it again!


physics-fan3.14: It probably is the one you're thinking of. Do you recall who owned it? Maybe a PM would help get the coin posted.


In the meantime... Merry Christmas to all.

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I searched for a while but can't help. I think I saved these images about a year back.




That one is owned by Toneddollars. It does really look like that. He also has 4 or 5 others that are similar, but not quite as dramatic. These are all raw.








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Really cool images. Did you take those Bob?


Thanks Larry. I did those for Jack almost exactly a year ago. That was a fun group that really opened my eyes. :grin:

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All outstanding and stunningly beautiful Kennedies (or, is it Kennedys?) but no... so far those aren't it.


This one is a pure rich green with other near neon colors (not lime green, so much) with blazing toning/luster abound.


I know the owner is a regular here (or, at least was) as the coin came up a couple of times earlier this year.

I had saved that original photo but switching host providers, lost it.


One more TTT just in case it can be found...

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