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Pendragon1998's 3000 (NGC) / 1500 (PCGS) Post YN Giveaway!

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Pendragon1998's 3000 (NGC) / 1500 (PCGS) Post YN Giveaway!

Running concurrently on the PCGS forums


No, I'm not giving away a YN, but I am giving away some stuff that a YN might find interesting. Actually, why limit this to YNs? While this stuff is modest enough, I always hate being excluded from something I might like to add to my collection simply due to my age, so let's call this a "YNs and Any Other Interested Parties Giveaway!" lol


Anyway, I just wanted to offer a little something back, since I've benefitted from being on the forums for the last few years. I'm approaching my 3000th post at NGC's forums and my 1500th post at PCGS. To celebrate it, I've got a small collection of interesting bits and pieces to offer whomever is interested in adding it to their collection.


The good part:

For the lucky winnah, here's what ya get:


* 7 Random Small Denom. World Coins in various conditions.

* A 1953 Queen Elizabeth II crown.

* A 1982-D Unc. Silver Washington Commemorative in battered original box.

* A small assortment of wheat cents (some nicer circulated ones, some mere hole fillers)

from the teens on up.

* A Constantius II 337-361 AD Ancient Roman coin.


If you get something you can't use, pass on the love.


How to Enter:

Just post a coin you like and tell me why. Tell me something cool about yourself. Choose a bird and post a photo of it (including its species) - why? because I like birds ;) Just entertain us all. Flattery will get you everywhere ;)




Please indicate whether you're 'in' or just saying 'Hi'.

I'll make a somewhat random drawing on or about when I either hit 3000 or 1500 on either side of the street.



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Just dropping in to say hi, I think it’s a wonderful idea to stimulate the YN populace, good luck and by all means post. Thanks Pendragon, good luck everyone.




The coin, as you cannot see is not worth a plug nickel other than bullion or that fact that I will always have 50 cents on my key chain, but is near and dear to my heart. I have been carrying this key chained pocket piece longer than I can remember now, it’s part of me and will probably go with me.


I do think Adolph A. Weinman’s 1916 design to be about the best coin design ever sculpted and produced by the US Mint, hands down. It’s legacy will live on with it’s obverse design selected for the American Silver Eagle program, a fitting tribute to a great and noble sculptor.



Something cool…well, I’m retired meaning I no longer have to arise on Monday mornings and worry about a job, my retirement is sufficient enough to see me through to the next month, then the next and so on and so forth. One day YN’s you will enter the work force and you too will dream of days of leisure.


In my adventures I had the opportunity to test fly UH-60 Blackhawk Transmissions that were overhauled or repaired in a test cell that was second to none. Sitting there in the control room was like sitting at a panel at the Houston Space Center. It was a computer run program but the operator still ran the RPM’s & load. We took it through it’s paces, watching through the double plated safety glass, loading it beyond normal loads to insure the finished product was Military ready. For those who understand torque loads, mid-point during the test, a constant max load of 54,000 foot pounds to the rotor shaft was held for 5 minutes, which was the make or break point. If it made it through this point in the 1 ½ hour test, it was sure to make the rest.


Now, that was cool.




This is a picture of a Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas) that came to visit my feeder last winter here in Corpus Christi. Predominantly a South American bird species, they do range as far up as Brownsville, TX but as a whole are incidental here in Corpus.


It only came one time, was a male but was not in his mating plumage, but was still very colorful sporting greens and blues.


None the less, I enjoyed his brief visit.

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I'm just here to say hi also Michael and Congrats on your posts!!! They are always a pleasure!


Well Michael, I don't know what's going on but I'm not a YN by far but if no one's gonna jump on the bandwagon, then I will. No give-aways are too modest. They should always be considered as appreciated.


So here's my favorite coin, my SAE! I just love the designs on these SAE's.


And this is also my favorite bird, Quaker parrot! His name is Ziggy!



Something cool about myself??? I've been riding motorcycles since I was 10yrs old. I've had 6 Harley-Davidsons, and the one I have now I've "RODE" to Sturgis,SD twice, calif. twice, New Mexico, Okla., Louisiana, & all across TX.

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Hi Pendragon--congratulations on your milestone. I enjoy your posts (both here and on the "darkside")


the favorite coin is a bi-metalic coin from Bermuda. I love the seashell-like shape, the bi-metal and the reverse design. It has both 1999 and 2000 dates and was made for the new millenium. Of course I love the sailing ship silhoetted in front of the golden dawning sun---but what makes it a cut above the rest is the motto "quo fata ferunt"--or "wherever the fates may carry us". I'm not sure if it is a reference to the sailing ship (the words "fate" and "wind" were interchangeable) or if it's a reference to humanity as a whole as we embark on a new Millenium--but still poignant


the bird's name is Benny--he is our cockatiel--and started out as my youngest daughter's class pet in 3rd grade. We adopted him at the end of the school year and he has brought song into our home for almost 10 years now !!!


Something cool about myself? To summarize and let everyone know me a bit--After many years as a semi-successful contractor, I had a terrible accident on the job at the age of 39--it left me unable to use my arms or legs. After about 2 years of intense rehab/physical therapy and occupational therapy-- I am almost a 100% fully functional human being--from prognosis of "lucky to be alive" to "never ambulate unassisted" among others--my only limitation/s are a right leg which is a bit crooked and a slight bit shorter from being in a bunch of pieces and the carpals in my right wrist are fused so it doesn't turn or bend--small potatoes considering.


Unable to do my old job, at the age of 40 I went back to school!! I have a 4.0 in Applied Sciences (so far) and if all goes well, I will graduate in June and take my licensure test to become------a Physical Therapist !! During clinicals I work mostly at hospitals but I hope to find a job eventually working with post-stroke victims or in cardiac rehabilitation.....THE END


sorry for the novel, however I have never really mentioned anything about myself on this forum--so now you know me better...


I have 3 nephews who always fight over the coins I give them and now it will be even tougher since they have to share with a 2-yo sister now also...




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Whulp - I'm "at or around 3000 posts" on NGC's forums, so it's time to pull a winnah! I'll do so when I get home tonight. I'll accept any additional entries between now and 8:00 EST.


Good luck!

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The winner of my giveaway is dan8402!!! (who entered ATS)


Everybody give Dan a hand. Dan, PM me your address and I'll get the coins in the mail sometime this week.


Thanks for playing, everyone who entered!



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I like this coin due to its size and the fact that I love Liberty Seated Coins of any denomination. This 1842 Dollar is so heavy and wears so easily it amazes me that it has held up so well for over 160 years.

The only thing 'Cool' about me is that I'm still here and I start freezing this time of the year.

My favorite bird(never had one until now) is this little finch(I guess) that flew into my window a week ago. We wetted it down and kept the dogs away from it until it came to about 1 hour later. It moved everything and appeared unharmed. 5 hours later we were still petting it and keeping it cool(super hot day). Suddenly, it left us. For two days it sat outside my kitchen window each morning(its way of saying thanks) and now we haven't seen it again. Light green, with dark green wings and white breast with spots on its head.






There you go, congrats on reaching 3000/1500-I'm working on it to everyone's chagrin. lol




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Hi Jim,


Great dollar there - I really like it.


It wa really kind of you to take care of that bird that hit your window. The bird was lucky - window strikes kill literally tens of millions of birds each year.


The bird you rescued was called an Ovenbird, which is actually a species of warbler, nor a sparrow. Judging from the pattern on the head, it may have been a female or a juvenile male, though I'm not as experienced with the species as I'd like. Ovenbirds nest on the ground in forests and build hidden nests which look something like an old-fashioned kiln, or oven, thus the name. They sing a song that sounds like teaCHER teaCHER teaCHER teaCHER teaCHER teaCHER (getting louder as it goes). They're one of my favorite warblers.


More Ovenbird Photos:







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