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Another IIII edge 1809 Bust Half (Overton 107a) THE THIRD SIDE

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I'll link MBA1's last post on 1809 which has in it links to the third side.


It's amazing collectors make such a big stink out of the IIII edge 1809 and the XXXX edge 1809. I don't know why these are focused on, but other edge distinctions aren't. Anyway, I always look out for these coins....I don't know why...maybe I'm just fascinated with my mystification about these edge attributions. And, of course, the value of the coin increases significantly.


I found another 1809 I like (I couldn't find my post on the last one I found, but it's out there somewhere). This IIII edge I bought raw, while I was in Baltimore. I love it. It's an R.4, and darkly toned, but with good light, the silver underneath, nicely patinated as well with pinkish/blue/golden brown iridescence so often seen on old Busties, and quite natural, in this substance. Fingerprint (I always find them kind of interesting), great radial die crack and die crack that runs along the lower devices. And again, my photos may not show this gorgeous iridescence, but WOW.


Now, the issue of the IIII edge

1809 has 15 varieties, 4 of which are IIII edge (4 are XXXX edge) and one is both XXXX and IIIIII.


I used to think it was actually a III edge, that is, ther would be 3 marks on the edge. lol But such is not the case, it's just that there are CRUDE markings best described with "I" because that's what they look like, though, cruedly so, not clean.

Oh...and there's more than 3 of them in a row, that's why I usually try to use more than 3 marks when I describe it (IIIII).


Redbook, I hear, says it's experimental. It's NOT.

Souder's suggests (and I agree with his contention) that the castaing machine which made the edges on the planchets before they went into the screw press for the final POW with the obverse and reverse dies, had edge dies in it that must have been repaired, and this is how it turned out.


You decide.


Actually, it's not really that exciting to me, but the R4 and the fun of finding them and how happy collectors are when they get them, THAT makes me happy.













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It's amazing collectors make such a big stink out of the IIII edge 1809 and the XXXX edge 1809. I don't know why these are focused on, but other edge distinctions aren't.




Redbook, I hear, says it's experimental.



I believe that is the answer to the question. :)



Great coin, by the way! (thumbs u

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I agree with you Mike, I have a couple from the 1830s with the experimental edges (partial reeding) and those are ignored even though they are truly experimental! Very nice coin by the way!

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I appreciate the positive input, and the insight into the later edge changes that seem so interesting.


I decided to put in here, some closeups of the die crack.


You can see the collapse of the die above the crack, and the generation of another crack extending thru the 12th star and into the lower hair locks. There is also small cuds where the metal was chipping away from the die. Additionally, you can see Reich's trademark notched into the 13 star, very nice, and also, I included the '9' because it cast a nice shadow, and demonstrates just how 'high' these devices are, or how deeply etched they were, into the working die.



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A nice 107a...I really like the die crack on this die state. Here is another IIII edge that I just picked up...a 109.




I agree that the IIII and XXX edges probably shouldn't carry a premium (at most, a very small one) but like many other Redbook varieties that shouldn't be in the Redbook they do. I do think that they both have more reason to be included in the Redbook then mere die states such as the "Bearded Goddess" and the "Patched" or "Ugly" 3s, though.



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