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Morgan VAM Clarification Please - Part One

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We have six 1885 O Morgan Dollars in our collection, so I was going through them today to determine which one(s) to keep. I began looking at VAM World and it appears that I have two different VAMs with three coins each. But not being that familiar with Morgan VAMs, I would like some assistance. These first three all have the short dash well below second 8 annd a vertical mark on denticle underneath the second 8. The first coin's image is hard to tell but they are there. My question is though. I know they are at least VAM 7, but I can not determine if any are VAM 14 or 16 possibly, O shifted right or far date, doubled arrows and O shifter right, respectively.


I will post the other three in another post later.









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I wish I could help you in some way Rey but I'm noooo good at Vams. I'm sure you've traveled Vamworld on these already! Good luck my friend!

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Rey, it's possible that your specimens are a combination of two or more VAM's. It's not uncommon to have different VAM's merged into one because one happens to be a later die state. For example, it's possible that the VAM7 (dash under the 8) could be combined with the VAM8 (mintmark set right). It also looks like you may have a slanted date with the 5 set higher than the 1. I can't tell if there is any doubling present from your photos.


I guess the only way to know for sure would be to submit them to Leroy Van Allen for attribution.



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