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High-grade early US Commems and a few proof sets

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Hi Lee, What does Rov*r stand for.

Hi Rey,

When you click on the link, r-o-v-e-r, is listed first, then the eBay link.


"r-o-v-e-r links will redirect you to ebay and put a cookie on your computer. The r-o-v-e-r affiliate program rewards users who redirect others to ebay by paying a portion of all the ebay fees generated by the person with the cookie on their computer to the person who placed the r-o-v-e-r link onto the net for a period of two weeks. In other words, if someone here on the boards spams the boards with a r-o-v-e-r link and you click the link you will then have their r-o-v-e-r ID cookie on your computer. If you subsequently use ebay in the next two weeks you will end up having this spammer earn a portion of any fees paid to ebay through any auctions you win or list. Only the last r-o-v-e-r ID cookie placed onto your computer before a transaction takes place will earn that spammer money. If you have your computer security settings configured to disallow a redirect then your computer will ask you for permission before the redirect happens and you can decline."

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When I put the link in I wondered about it as it's different than I've seen before. But, I've no idea how to correct it as I just went to Ebay and did the same search...the same link comes up for me to paste. I noticed a couple of of other links here that have the same grover (NGC gives me an error if I don't put a 'g' in front of the rest). embedded..so, this is now looking to be a common problem.


Here's what my text in the URL is: "http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/GeneralAntique"...so, I think this might be something that NGC has started doing. Does that make sense?


Any suggestions?

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