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NEWPS: 1795 NGC F12 Half Cent

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This was a fortuitous purchase from Liberty Coins on 7-24-08 for $925 on the website http://www.collectorscorner.com/Coins/


Quote from Michael who's 40 years of numismatic knowledge is speaking:


"I must say from the photos i am extremely impressed as never have I seen a fully struck and fully centered 1795 half cent on both sides. The date and liberty is full along with every letter on the reverse including the middle of the coin.


I would say that you got one heck of a deal if the surfaces are at least average in hand sight seen and if so then I can sell this coin easily and quickly for more than you paid at the summer ANA show. Wild!!!"


Quote from Bill Jones who is also an extremely advanced numismatist:


"That half cent is WOW!!!! given the amount that you are paying for it. Yes, it has been cleaned, and for that reason I'm surprised that it found its way into an NGC holder.


BUT a great many 1795 half cents are very poorly struck, especially on the reverse in the area of "HALF CENT." I've seen pieces that had similar detail, but more original surfaces sell for $4,000 to $5,000."







Circulation strikes: 139,690

Proofs: 0


Designer: John Smith Gardner


Diameter: ±23.5 millimeters


Metal content:

Copper - 100%



Lettered Edge: 104 grains (6.74 grams)

Plain Edge: 84 grains (5.44 grams)

Exceptions exist to both



Lettered ("TWO HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR") until December 27, 1795; thereafter plain


Mintmark: None (all 1795 Half Cents were struck at the Philadelphia Mint)


p.s. The reverse doesn't look near as rough with the naked eye--thank goodness. :þ



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Thanks, guys! Yeah, I'm not only tickled to get the coin type but I'm not arguing over the price, either.


Now, the only copper type left is the 1793 half cent. One day, gents. One day. (thumbs u

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That is a tough coin and the surfaces look substantially more original and problem-free than the vast majority of extant pieces in any grade. (thumbs u

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