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The thrill of the hunt....and a victory on Ebay for a change!!!!

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I posted in the Tangents section the other day that I had some money to burn and I have been searching for days for just the right coin........so tonight I came across this little beauty and remembered a F-12 1860-O I used to own a decade ago. I always wanted to pick up another one considering the rarity of these coins compared to Morgans but I never seem to have the money to go after anything bust low grade examples.


So the bid was sitting at around $468 with under a minute to go and I had already done my homework by searching Ebay and Heritage auctions and I saw that just about all of the circulated Seated dollars you run across are light in color from cleanings etc. Seeing the solid prices realized for these white cleaned coins I figured I would have to bid stong to add this very original looking piece to my collection. So I started to enter a bid of $600 but then I remembered that I always seem to get outbid by like 50 cents so I said what the heck.....$601.50..... :headbang:


I was quite confident that my bid would do do the trick and I figured the coin would end around $550 or so. As the seconds ticked away 5....4...3... bam! the bid jumped to my $601.50....holy *spoon* I thought...I am going to lose it......one more refresh....Kryptonitecomics is the WINNER at $601.50 :acclaim:


The underbidder put in a bid of $600.83 with like 4 sec left..... lol


What are the odds that just that extra $1.50 woiuld be enough to put me in the winners circle........and you know had I lost the bid by .83 cents because I bid $600 I would have been screaming that I would have been willing to pay a dollar more doh! Well like they say you have to pay strong for quality an originality and this coin books for $520 on the PCGS guide so I was surprised to have to pay $80 more than the guide but I am unphased because of my years of buying toners for multiple of guide :devil:


Sellers pics:






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