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Mea culpa...CAC coins selling for more than non-CAC coins

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Are you really sure that's the same coin?


Not the same exact coin, but we all know that all coins of the same issue and of the same TPG grade are worth the same, so for practical purposes, they are interchangeable.


The nerve of that dealer to ask for a 50% mark-up for the CAC sticker. ;)

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two completely different coins


and just from the photos: sight seen would be needed to confirm


the coin for less money is a heavily cleaned, hairlined, ugly, and 5-7 points overgraded dog

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Going strictly by the images, the first coin (Heritage) actually has significantly better detail, but suffers from environmental effects. I actually think it is appropriately "silent net" graded.


For what it's worth, these are probably not basically equivalent coins. The first is for someone who prefers more detail, the second for someone who prefers better surface quality. As a type, I would choose the first, and as a coin for a date set, I'd choose the second, disregarding the price. Certainly for a student of die varieties and die states, the first coin would be preferable, as I think they are identical in that regard.


Of course, the first coin sold almost a year ago, and we all know silver's up, so maybe a 50% increase in price isn't so outrageous lol !

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