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Post a toned Frankie

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I like it! Nice frankie 19Lyds (thumbs u


The luster on this 57d is wet to the touch! Enjoy -


New camera, new pics :grin:





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Wellllll, I might have a toner Frankie or two.


It seems that we're dealing with 1957 material here, so;






1950 is a tough year because no mint sets were made... hence no mint set toners. Here's an envelope toner;




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Jon, those are some attractive Frankies from '58. :applause:


Here's a P with quite different colors from the norm.



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Wow, those are some sweet toned Frankies. I only have one mint state toned Franklin and everyone has already seen it, so here is a toned proof instead. Beautiful grape purple and pale blue.




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I guess I could post a few of mine....





This one came from Shane.





I just bought this last one, it hasn't come yet. I think it has kind of a cool effect, even if the colors are not anything spectacular.




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Winston, that is quite an attractive '61! :applause: That's a hard year to find decent toners.


Jason, good stuff! :applause:




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You must live in the sky with colors like that! Nice 58d Sy :golfclap:


A 1957p with nice toning and strong strike :cloud9:





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Hey Jon, you didn't say anything about the toning being natural, so here is my offering. Flame away!




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Mottled, huh? OK...




From my Mac's dictionary:



an irregular arrangement of spots or patches of color: "the ship was a mottle of khaki and black"


Sort of like my Frankie. (:

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...Even if it was cooked in the oven at around 450 F :insane:


Talking about cooking, NORMALLY if I saw a Frankie with this sort of toning colors/pattern I'd say AT. However, a certain small portion of '59's will tone up with linear features when they tone up slowly. Due to the way the lines fall on this coin, and how they look in hand, I am willing to bet (and did as I bought it) that this is an NT coin. To say that this sort of toning puts this date/mm in the MOOSE stage is a definite understatement.




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