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Morgans with weak denticles...

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Years ago I got the chance to study a relatively large group of off-center Morgan dollars. Where you could identify the mint mark on the coin, you could see that the upset edges were consistently different on the unstruck parts of the planchets, with the upsetting bulge closer to or further from the edge.


The O-mint coins had a narrow upset bulge very close to the edge of the planchet. When struck, this gave the coins a nice raised rim outside the denticles, but with the denticles usually weak. When viewed edge-on in a plastic coin tube, the coins themselves look thicker than average because of that well struck rim, with the reeding on the edge running the full thickness of the coins.


Other mint coins had the bulge on the planchet further in from the rim, usually resulting in well-struck denticles but weaker raised rims. The Carson City Coins had the bulge furthest in, causing the raised rims to taper off rather badly. When you look at P, S or CC coins edge on in a plastic coin tube, you can see how the reedings are shorter than on the O-mint coins.


Tom DeLorey

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