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A whole bunch of newp's

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Stopped at a little auction place today to see what he had on hand and I picked these up for $110. How did I do any opinions would be appreciated.













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very awsome canada note! i need one for my "art note" collection. and the golds are great also :)

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I was just looking in the Red book and I believe I have the 1839 over 1836 no lock at forehead

EDITED never mind I see now it is a head of 1838



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Good buy. (thumbs u


I really like the design on the 1976 crown. I never knew it existed.


Good bye. (thumbs u

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I like the Maximilian (the French) Emperor of Mexico gold coin. The Emperor was run out of office and into prison by the loss of the "superior" French Army in the Battle of Puebla (fought by 4000 Mexican Army soldiers aided by Texican's) against Napolean the III's, much larger French Army on Cinco de Mayo, 1862!


How long does to take for the French Army to defend Paris? No one knows, it's never been done since Napolean III lost Paris in 1870 in (10) days!

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