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NEWPS: Broadstruck Brockage Error

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A mirror image of a coin has been struck on both sides of the planchet. This error typically occurs when a coin remains on either die after striking. (The planchet wraps around the bottom die like a soda bottle cap and remains in place.) The second coin receives the image from the die, though its blank other side also receives the image of the struck coin. The result is an incuse mirror image, and the coin is known as a brockage error.




Broadstrike errors are produced when the collar die malfunctions. The collar is the circular die surrounding the anvil (lower) die. It applies the edge device (reeded edge, plain edge) and prevents the metal of the coin being struck from flowing outside of the confines of the die. When the collar is prevented from working properly during striking, it may rest below the surface of the anvil die. All denominations of U.S. coins with a broadstrike have a plain edge.

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Oh, WOW, that is one awesome piece!


Thanks! I don't collect errors nor foreign but this coin was so exceptional that I had to have it. And the $125 pricetag seemed so cheap to me.

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Cool looking piece Victor... well worth the price. :applause:


Color me cynical, but the mess-up on "National Integration" for India somehow seems appropriate. (shrug)

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