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2000th Post Give Away!

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After all I have learned here and after all of the fun I’ve had on this forum, I’ve decided on a “Give Away” as thanks for

allowing me to enter your crazy world of Numismatics.


This will be easy, just guess the date my dog Rizzo was born…the format should be Mo/Day/Year



So there is no favoritism, the actual birth date of Rizzo will be revealed on the paper work from his last Vets visit.


Now, the prizes!



First off, a 2000-P BU Sacagawea Golden dollar to honor my 2000th post.


Next there is a 100 year old Post card dated 1908, mailed from Gloucestor to Boston ordering Eastern Ash boards.


Then we have another 100 year old coin, a 1908 Liberty Nickel, well circulated.


Lastly, a 1908-D Barber Quarter dollar, another 100 year old circulated coin!



Remember, month/day/year Rizzo was born.


Have fun and Good Luck!




Arch...you can move this to Tangents if you want. ;)


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Congrats on your 2000th there Woody. I guess a guess is a guess so a date would be a guess no matter what date I guess. 09/12/04

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I appreciate your give away but I appreciate your input on the boards even more :cool:

Wild Guess 4/4/04

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