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Minnesota Qtr with an extra tree!!

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Has anyone found one of these? I found this article kind of interesting. Back to searching Qtrs again. doh!


How to Tell if Your Minnesota Quarter has an "Extra Tree"

More than 60 different extra tree reverse types, from all 3 mints, have been found on the Minnesota State Quarters!

Collectors are in a frenzy as they search pocket change for last year’s Minnesota state quarters with an “extra tree” in the design! They are finding them in bank-wrapped rolls, widely available at coin shops, and in circulation. They are auctioning them off on eBay as fast as they can find them, garnering prices ranging from an average of $150 to $500 from eager collectors willing to pay the price. The coin that is the focus of their attention displays significant portions of an “extra tree” literally floating in the sky next to the fourth evergreen tree to the right of the state outline. Specialists suggest the error occurred during production of the coining die when the master tool used to impress the design into it slipped during the process.



The "Extra Tree" Doubled Die is Getting a Lot of Attention

These Minnesota "Extra Tree" quarters are what specialists refer to as a doubled die; a popular type with collectors, depending on how strong and unusual the doubling is. With the coins attracting front-page coverage spanning several weeks in the national hobby publication, Numismatic News, and a series of features in Coin World, along with Professional Coin Grading Service of Newport Beach, Calif., now certifying hundreds of them for marketing purposes, it appears they are catching on.



Additionally, whatever condition existed in the Mint to produce these coins didn’t get corrected immediately; several additional varieties of “extra tree” Minnesota quarters with slight differences in location and/or shape have also been found in recent weeks and are selling briskly on eBay as collectors try to obtain one of each type!




The Minnesota State Quarter "Extra Tree" doubled die error. This type is identified by CONECA as DDR-1. The arrow points to the location of the extra tree.

Photograph © Ken Potter

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Isn't there something like 54 exsisting varieties indentified by now?


I think there maybe a Minnesota State Quarter "Extra Tree" Club.


They wear spruce sprigs on their heads instead of Mouse Ears.


I liked the idea at first, you know, the discovery coins, but when they brought

out the microscopes and started to see minute die chips and calling them Double Dies

and then selling them as such on the bay, well, I lost inteest.

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I hear ya Woody. There are so many designs for these things that it would be inevitable that there are quite a few that something just didn't set right during the minting process.

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there is more than 50, there are many many of each mint :P it seems that ddr1-4 are the best the others are so faint you cant realy tell.

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I think Ken Potter should go back and trim the trees back a little...some of the ones listed are so mininscule and could be nothing more than plain strike doubling . I had found one of each until the count got to around 20 something then stopped as it seemed the forest kept getting larger . It was something to do , but it got carried away and kind of went 'over-board' ....like Chad said , there's hardly any without something ......sorta got to be like collecting stamps...so I ran from it.


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