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1878 S dollar grade ?

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Grade: VF or F ?

+ Problem coin ?

+ Vam number ?


=> If it's only Fine and "cleaned", I'll return it...









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Extremely Fine (XF or EF) - Very light wear on only the highest points.


XF coins come in XF-40 and XF-45. With an XF coin, you can usually see the wear without messing around too much, but it is a very small amount of wear. There is often some of the mint luster left on the coin. Most of the devices on the coin are clearly defined. For each type of coin, there are different things to look for in determining if a coin meets this demanding grade.[/i]


- It can't be XF... :o (no mint luster)


Very Fine ("VF") - Wear is clearly visible to the naked eye. Devices are still defined and distinguishable but significantly worn. VF20 to VF35. Note the significant wear on the high parts of the wings. Also, there is very noticeable wear on the rim devices as well. Note the lack of luster on the full scan when you click the image below.

Very fine is VF20

Choice very fine is VF30 to VF35


=> Hmmm...VF-20 ?

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So VF-20 it is...anyone oppose ? :juggle:


+ and in my own opinion it is uncleaned.

Can someone send some pictures of VG to VF grade morgans which aren't cleaned ? (i mostly have only mint conditioned morgans and i live in europe.)


There it is: :cloud9: Coinmanage2008



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I am pretty sure that NGC will BB this coin because of the marks on the reverse .Last year I sent in a Morgan that I would classify as PL.It was returned as a BB because of damage on the reverse. I used a magnifying glass and there was a slight mark on the wing of the eagle that was not as bad as yours.

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