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I bought 5 morgans today.

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Hey is it a coincidence that Shop At Home sells them by the 5 pack too? 893whatthe.gif


Just kidding 27_laughing.gif

Dude I can't afford thier prices.


I think I posted about the dealer I buy from...This is a pic of the grade he does....And the price is not correct because if you pay in cash you get 10% off.


It's a cool shop.


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Those are beauts. Ain't it fun to find solid RAW coins !! sumo.gif


Man Let me tell you .

This guy is old school and I think he is great. Everybody talks about the TPG's only taking 10 secs or so on a coin......My guy takes Half that and he Is Major conservative.I started a different post earlier on my new Flying Eagle but I am going to post another pic on this thread ...He graqded this as F to VF....I personally think it's a bit better than that.




This is a BIG pic of the obverse


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I spent $40.00 on it and Feel like I got the better end of it.


Oh yea ,It's in a capital holder and that cost a couple bucks in itself.



This is the reverse and again it's a Big Pic.


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Seriously. I want a mail order list from this dude. sumo.gif






actually he doesn't have any catalog or mail order lists.If you ask him what he has he will tell you...I Don't know......If you don't pop on in you are going to miss out so I go as often as I can.He stays busy especially since his wife passed a couple months ago....

He is as good a guy as you will meet in the buis.I am trying to get him to open some of the boxes he has stashed in the back.

The buisness is dragging him down and I am talki8ng to him about taking some pics and putting them up here and on ebay.


I don't want any money I want him to do good .

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Nice haul. smile.gif Isn't it cool to be able to handle raw coins? The tactile sensation of holding them is something I miss with so many coins, including many of my own, being in slabs.

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