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Package waiting for me when I get home

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I received a FedEx package today that is waiting for me at home. Here is what I have in it:

Two 1870 Shield Nickel Proofs

1943-D Nickel MS67 FS

1917 SLQFH Type 1

1929 SLQ

7 1878 8tf Morgans

3 1878 7tf Reverse of 79 Morgans


Pictures will come later on tonight.


Also NGC just received three packages:

1954 mint set

1956 mint set

1958 mint set

Six 1970 proof sets (at least one is a small date)

1982 Lincoln Varieties

2007 D Sac's

2001 S Sac's

and various other items

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If I have say a Mint set and they are still in the cellophane packaging then do I hvae to take them out when I submit them? Since you have to put each coin on a separate line then how would you do that if they were not removed from the cellophane?



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The proof sets I sent in the hard plastic as I didn't want to remove them and scratch them going in the flips. The mint sets I took out of the cardboard holders they were in since these were the double mint sets of the mid 50's.


Will have to wait some time before I get the coins back from NGC probably will not get them back until the end of May.

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Thanks for the info. If the Raw coin is a Proof and in the Plastic capsule then I put the plastic capsule in a double pocket Mylar so I can put tje coin in one pocket and the slip of paper with the line number in the other pocket.

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Ok, well here is a teaser:





No I have not looked at these closely enough yet to check for VAM's. More to come throughout the night.


Here are two 1870 Proof Nickels:










These two are going into my 7070 album:




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Here is the last of them for tonight as my battery is charging:


Heck I bet your battery is raging right now. Have fun with all the new toys! Some very attractive coins there! I especially like the shield nickels. :applause:

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Well I think I have all the VAM's for the 8TF except for one. See if you all agree with me:


ANACS MS 64 OBV PL - 1878 8TF - 2610163 - VAM 4

NGC MS 64 - 1878 8TF - 269045-001 - VAM 16

PCGS MS64 - 1878 8TF - 11703327 - VAM 3

NGC MS64 - 1878 8TF - 1713785-002 - VAM 4

PCGS MS 64 - 1878 8TF - 5776655 - VAM 6

NGC MS 64 - 1878 8TF - 270258-001 - VAM 3


I have no clue on the 7TF Rev of 79's.


The other ANACS is very hard to diagnosis. I don't see the die chip's or polishing lines that the others had. I think I see something on the right inside of the ear but not sure. The right stars are doubled.


Thanks for all the kind words.


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