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Us coin people's opinions.

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I hate to sound like a spammer,


But just in case you don't look at the foreign coin section,


"I'm new here!


My name is Morgan, and I just got into the coin world.


I started off posting in coin talk, an they were quite helpful.


Now I'm back here to see if you guys have anything else to comment about.


All my pictures are posted in my photobucket




I have many coins and don't be afraid to look at all of them. They vary in interest."




I just want all the info I can, and get all the opinions I can.





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Welcome Morgan. Well after glancing thru some of the pics a couple caught my eye. I like the 1849 Cent, the 2Cent and 1866 5Cent. Looks like most the others are common dates but I didn't researh them all. Others may see some I've missed.

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welcome to the boards


a decent starter collection of coins from the 19th and 20th centuries


come visit here and ask many questions you will get some good answers and some that dont well leave them and take all the positive constructive ones



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Welcome to the neighborhood, Morgan!


Not that there is anything wrong with posting in the World Coins forum, but you will probably find much more activity, here, in U.S. Coins and Numismatic Tangents.


I took a look at your Photobucket layout. It's hard to discern anything about the Morgan and Peace dollars. It would be better if you took photos of each one, individually, rather than group them like you did. It's difficult to pick up on details when the shot is at an angle like yours.


Of course, who am I to talk. I'm a lousy photographer.



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