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Found a new 1992 DDO "Discovery Coin" as per John Wexler.

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I posted this ATS and wanted to share it with my friends here also.


I recently sent this off to BJ Neff to take a look at and he thought that John Wexler should take a look at it.

Well it is now listed in John Wexler's files as a 1992-1c-WDDO-002.

Thank you BJ and than you John.

I know I am a die variety coin weeny, but this one is cool.

I found 4 or 5 of these from a OBR I saved from back in 92.

How is this for a doubled eye. Cool stuff.

It has a doubled eyelid - one going forward and one going backward.




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BTW JRocco, which mint made the error?



Thanks guys.

It's a Philly mint coin Jim.

I was looking for a narrow AM reverse and wasn't looking at the obverse side. I flipped the coin over and looked at the obverse by accident and did a double take. Luckily I found a few in the roll so I was able to confirm the variety myself.



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Neat find, so what happened to the die to create such a double eyelid?


Sure beats me.


I am waiting to hear myself. A couple of other variety guru's are going to give it the once over also.

I will let you know what they pro's think when I hear.

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I have 4 bank rolls of 92P lincoln cents. Will this be a valuable enough find to bust them open-just your opinion.


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Hi Jim,

I think it depends.

If it gets written-up in one of the numismatic publications-yes

This coin is VERY naked eye visible, a necessity in my opinion.

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Thanks, JRocco.

Has anyone else contacted you about finding one? Is there a website for John Wexler. I can't find a copy of his book.


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