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An unexpected grading surprise............

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I picked up a couple of Jefferson Nickels at the Long Beach show last February for about $10 each and recently submitted them ATS for grading. Grades were posted yesterday afternoon!


6 1 12898209 84011 1941-D 5C US MS66FS

7 1 12898210 84012 1941-S 5C US MS66FS <------ Woo Hoo!


Since I do not track the prices on this series and merely collect it as a side line, I nearly had a heart attack when I looked up that 1941-S!

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How do you search for a specific coins sales on Teletrade?


I know how to browse past auctions but that can be painfully slow. Is there a way to search for just 1941-S Jefferson's??



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In the upper left corner, click "price guide", enter year (or year range), m/m, and grade (or range). Highlight nickels, and hit search. You have to sign in to search past 60 days.

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Congrats! Now the question is are you going to keep it or sell it?? hm


I have no idea what I'm going to do from one minute to the next! It's one of those "old guy" things!


Half the time I wonder what it was that I just did or worse yet what was I going to do?


And why did I come in here??




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Here is the link to the last one from Heritage:




Rather interesting!




I just looked that coin up on Heritage and I wonder how it ever made FS?




Do you suppose that ding is on the plastic?


I can assure you, my coin did not look like that one and I'll post pics when it gets delivered..

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