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First coin show report

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Well we (my son and I) made it through our first show. Well here is how it started. 6:00 AM this morning my son comes in to my room DAD get up the coin show is today. Ahh man Lucas it is only 6:00 in the morning relax. doh! By 8:00 we were out the door we arrived at the Wave Ballroom In appleton Wi by 8:30, as we pulled into the parking lot we were pleased to get a second row spot.


We went in the building and were greated by a freindly older lady that said welcome your a little early but go on ahead. We walked in to the bourse floor my first impression was that of being overwhelmed. By the bug eyed look on Lucas I think he was feeling the same thing. This is a smaller show by show standards we counted 30 dealers and a whole 5 people walking the floor. Our first table we went up to was full of some of the most beautifull Morgans I have seen. :cloud9: We both found some that we liked but remembering the advice of the members here we decided to pass and move on to the next table.


So while making our way around the floor visiting every table, we were keeping a list of things that caught our eye. The first coin Lucas put on the list was a off center penny, and mine was a 1835 half dime. Our next additions to the list were a 1883 O Morgan that Lucas liked.


Now that we had viseted all the tables we went got a soda and talked about some of the coins we saw. We talked about the wartime coinage the most. I explained why they were different such as the steel cent.Lucas informed me that he is now a big fan of Morgan dollars. Our next table we visited we saw what was one of the highlights of the show for both of us. It was a silver bar that weighed in at 943.95 ounces with a 18,000 price tag on it. We each got the chance to lift this let me tell you it is pretty neat and way heavy.


The next thing we did was visit a dealer by the name of David Weber where I purchased my only coin of the day the 1835 half dime graded by Anacs a EF-40 for $120. I also looked over some of the CBH's he had and was very tempted but fought the urge to purchase them.

Now we headed over to a table ran by Ed Rautmann and I believe his son. This was by far our choice for best table. Ed sat down with us and showed Lucas Morgan dollar after Morgan dollar explaing what to look for when grading a Morgan. He basically went through every grade with us and also the quality of strike from different Mint's such as New orleans being weak.So after a half hour of talking and showing us coins Lucas found the one he wanted and Ed explained to him you now ask me what my best price is and then cut it in half. He told Lucas $30 and Lucas said I'll give you (doing the math in his head) hm $15 Ed said sold. :applause:

So overall we had a great time met some great people and wish we could have stayed longer but by 11:00 it was packed with people.

So there it is my first report not the best but hopfully they get better as we will be attending alot more show's in the future with more reports to come. Here are the coins we picked up.








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Great report and I'm glad you and your son had such a good time!


I hope you explained to your son that the price he paid on the Morgan was a gift and that he might not get one as cheaply next time and that responding to a dealer's "best price" by offering half of that amount might not be a good way of buying coins going forward.


(I know some dealers who, if you did that to them, they'd take the coin back and refuse to do any business with you.)

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By all means I explained that to him, and told him there is usually only a small amount of wiggle room on prices. He was very happy about the price and thanked Ed more than once.

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Mr. Rautmann sounds like a nice guy, and if I were to guess, I would say he has picked up two new repeat customers.


Glad that you & your YN had fun, Harvey. I'll bet that he can't wait for the next coin show!

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Harvey - what a great story! I bet your son will never forget that positive experience and kudos to the dealer for taking time to convert a new collector.


As your son gets older, hopefully he will stay collecting and you both will have great memories like this as a father and son.

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Thanks for the report, Harv! It sounds like you and your son had a good time. It's good that you pointed out to Lucas that other dealers may not be as obliging as Mr. Rautmann. I think that coin collecting is more of a passion to him than a career, and Lucas got a great buy.



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Great report Harvey , nice pick-ups , and very happy it was an enjoyable outing for both of you ! :golfclap:

Sounds like a nice show and you were able to cover a lot of ground


Now , :gossip:....next time ... :devil:...pick up something shiny for your significant other and you'll have all the bases covered ! :wishluck:


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