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Some BU lincolns I found in an old coin envelope(5 photos)

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I found these lincolns the other day while looking for some IHC's I remembered placing in a small box 20-30 years ago. I didn't find the IHC's yet but these I found interesting. Seven Lincolns were in the envelope of which 5 had toned-one ugly. Two have little to no toning unless held just right in light. I am certain these were not placed in this envelope with the toning as I removed these from a circulated coinmaster album when I gave the album to a young boy who was the son of a mechanic that worked for me. At that time they were some of the duplicate BU's that I had transferred to another collection-about 10 years ago. They look quite similiar to the ones on ebay that are doctored. I just wonder how they can be doctored in a short enough period of time to be worth while and these took many years? Also, if these were to be acceptable(which I feel they are not for any collection I have), what would then be the difference to those doctored coins currently selling on ebay by coin doctors?








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They really don't look that bad to me Jim. Especially the last 3. I have a couple in my Dansco that have the same type toning going on. I think there are those that can better distinguish this type of natural toning than the ones that have been doctored. JMO

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If I understand your question correctly, I doubt that all coin doctors have the talent to take a 70 year old BU Lincoln cent and tone it like only nature could do in those previous 70 years. To me their toning methods create harsh and blatant spectrums not normally found in nature. Whereas natural toning that takes years and years to accomplish, creates subtle hues and intensities, along with iridescent properties that cannot be reproduced in a kitchen or lab.


To me doctoring is evident and if they look at all suspicious, they probably are. What may become unfortunate are your 60-70 year old patina’ed coins may be labeled as “suspicious toning” and BB’ed. Those danged Doctors are screwing up everything!



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