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Why are the Silver Eagles from the 90's so expensive

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According to the Red Book, the mintages for the Proof American Eagles are:

1986S - 1,446,778

1987S - 904,732

1988S - 557,370

1989S - 617,694

1990S - 695,510

1991S - 511,925

1992S - 498,654

1993P - 405,913

1994P - 372,168

1995P - 438,511

1996P - 500,000

1997P - 435,368

1998P - 450,000

1999P - 549,769

2000P - 600,000

2001W - 746,398

2002W - 647,342

2003W - 747,831

2004W - 801,602

2005W - 701,606



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And add in the fact that they have had ten years to be dispersed into collections. If last years had had a similar mintage it would probably still be lower in cost because it would still be easily available from dealers stock. As time passes and the supply becomes absorbed into collections they become lass available in the marketplace and supply has more problems matching demand so price rises.

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Thanks all. I guess I will need to save up to purchase them then to fill my Dansco.


I am presently working on an SAE Dansco myself. The highest yr. in the set is the 96' which will cost you around $55 and up on ebay. The rest can be purchased below $25 a piece most of the time. As was mentioned tho', it may be a little harder to try to find these with no issues. I have been pretty fortunate as getting nice looking one's for my album. I have a 96' coming in and hoping that it is issue free also. Good luck Dwaine.

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Try Golden Eagle Coins. I usually buy from them at Baltimore and found their bullion coin prices to be very reasonable. I purchased an early Maple Leaf to complete my collection at an excellent price (cheaper than others but above spot).


Scott :hi:

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