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I'm taking this opportunity to show my appreciation for Mike Bonnell's (jgrinz) efforts to raise money for the Boy Scouts. I guess some people may think that he should be thanking us, but I don't see it that way. For those of us who contributed, we had the easy part, but it was Mike who had to take the photos, list everything not only here but on eBay as well, and then ship all of the purchases to the sellers. It is selfless acts like this that help to restore your faith in mankind.


I was quite surprised when I received three medals from Mike as a way of showing his appreciation:


The Bicentennial Medal will be a wonderful complement to my collection of Mint medals.


The other two, one in silver and one in bronze, of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis were struck by MACO. The last time I passed through St. Louis was in 1993. We were returning from Lincoln, Nebraska where we attended my grandmother's 100th birthday celebration. That was the time of the floods, and the Mississippi River was about 12 miles wide in some areas. The I-70 Bypass on the north side of St. Louis was closed, and we had to drive through downtown. As we passed by, we could see that the river was almost at the base of the Arch.


Anyway, Mike, thanks for all that you have done. I'm sorry about the Pats, but I'm sure that Scott is very happy.


By the way, if you still have the NGC Luncheon $, #047, I would like to buy it. That is the year that I was born. PM me, please?






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For those of you who don't know all of the cr@p that Mike had to go through just to try to help his Scouts, suffice it to say that most people would have thrown in the towel and given up. But, he didn't, and he deserves a big round of applause!! :golfclap::golfclap::golfclap::golfclap:


Way to go, Mike!! (thumbs u

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Thanks guys ... with a special thanks back to all who helped behind the scenes








Ron Day and Tradingslabs.com



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