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Starting a birthyear Centennial set.

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I've found half of my birthyear (1958) mint set, and pretty much hit a brick wall in finding the final 5 coins in the grade/appearance I'm looking for. So, in order to keep that good old OCD at bay, I started working on a centennial birthyear set. I'm not about to go for the 1858 gold (well, maybe one or two pieces) as that could bankrupt me, but the rest of the set looks doable. The one "stopper" is the dollar as there were no MS dollars and only 300 proof dollars minted that year, but provided I find one with the right look I'll step up to the plate for it.


Anyhow, here's the first coin in the set. It does have some issues with strike (as do most coins that year), but on the whole it is an attractive coin. It is graded MS62 by the Kool-Aid gang and is ex-Benson. The images are by Bob Campbell, and I think he did an excellent job.




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...Come on, you know you want the gold too :devil:


Would I like the gold? Well, yeah, it'd be fun to do the whole mint set thing, but there are SIXTEEN gold date/mm for 1858. EVEN IN AU50, graysheet currently lists them at $39,780. I don't like gold NEARLY that much. The gold $1 P mint in MS63 lists at $910, so the good Lord willing I may go for that one.

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Very attractive 1858 Half.


You've given me some food for thought. A Centennial Birthyear Set

sounds like a great project.


Happy 50th Birthday BTW...

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