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Need Help. Does this toning look real. Thanks.

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lightly cleaned and retoning... toning is ok ... but cleaned.


I Agree albiet HEAVILY Cleaned :) - I cleaned up the reverse picture




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Not nearly a "BU" coin. It's only worth melt, to me.


That's where I tend to agree. No one had bid on the coin yet, and the starting price was $9.99 with $4.99 for shipping. Personally, with silver at about $16.50 per ounce, if I could get a Morgan, cleaned or otherwise, for $15? You could probably do worse. Not much for the numismatic value, but I can think of all sorts of uses:


1. Melt/intrinsic

2. A gift to a young collector to see something different

3. A "gift with purchase" item to a customer if you sell coins on eBay yourself. Hey, it may be cleaned, but it's a lot of silver, which isn't cheap nowadays, and appears to continue to be on the rise!


That's just off the top of my head, I bet smart cookies could think of plenty of things to do with it.


Would I pay the "Buy it Now" price? Not a chance. Would I go much past the $9.99 initial start? Probably not. Maybe $10.51 to give myself a chance to counter a second bid, but that's about it.


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