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An interesting assortment of counterfeit dollars being offered on Ebay

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I reported them also...ebay makes it awfully difficult to report people...if a seller has several items that are fake you have to enter every single item #....and the text that I wrote about how many he has already sold and that he had several listings that were fraudulant was erased, only the few item #'s I entered were sent through....they probably only cancel the #'s that are reported and its business as usual for this cretain..

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I reported them also...ebay makes it awfully difficult to report people...if a seller has several items that are fake you have to enter every single item #....and the text that I wrote about how many he has already sold and that he had several listings that were fraudulant was erased, only the few item #'s I entered were sent through....they probably only cancel the #'s that are reported and its business as usual for this cretain..
Thanks for reporting. If you aren't already doing so, I'd recommend using the link below for reporting - it seems like the easiest and most efficient one. see here
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Notice what they did though Bill, they didn't counterfeit the coin to make it THE coin, the used THE coin to try to make it something that it wasn't.


They took the 1986 uncirculated commemorative Statue of Liberty Dollar, etched the EIGHT and changed it to a ZERO, thus creating the "new and improved" 1906 "Ellis Island Dollar."


For what it's worth, I too reported this to eBay, and included links to what the coin should REALLY look like, to TRY to make it easy for them to take it down, without thinking about it.


I don't know enough about the trade dollars JTRYKA, what's wrong with them to report so I can do that too? The more reports the better. If we can stop counterfeiting in its tracks, intentional or unintentional, I'm more than happy to add my voice.

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Well, for starters, they didn't start minting them until 1873, so that 1871 is obviously fake, and the 1872 isn't even the right design, I think that one looks like a pattern (maybe a Judd 1310?), but fake nonetheless. The two 1873 trade dollars have the wrong designs, and by the way, they are all the wrong weight (a true silver dollar has 26.73g of 0.900 fine silver, and a trade dollar has slightly more at 27.2g) while these are all just over 19g.

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I noticed the gram weight on the Morgan and Peace dollars, and acted accordingly - those I was familiar enough with to look intelligently. I didn't even want to take a stab at the other. The 1986/1906 was easy for me as well, but again, I stuck with what I knew.


Sounds like I am too late to the game to make a difference in the others, but at least they are DOWN!


We'll see if this results in a suspension for this eBayer, if they believe it to be innocent or intentional I imagine. I mean he built that into his listings, but isn't that exactly what a counterfeiter would say? "I don't know anything about coins, so YOU have to judge if these are real or not." (or however he put it)

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I was checking channels last night since there was the usual re-runs and Football games and wasn't much to watch.


I happened on CNBC and there was a program regarding E BAY. Don't know if it has been on before but I had never seen it.Amazing what you are forced to find when there is nothing but Football games ans Reruns.



The Interviewer was talking to an Expert in Risk Management and the guy said that he had done a lot of work with Financial areas with Banks etc and that EBAY was not doing enough in this area especially with Automation.


They had an example of a Guy who bought a $40.00 necklace for his wife through E Bay . When the Necklace arrive in the Mail it was broken so he returned it as requested by the Seller.The Seller did not refund his Money.He went to Pay pal as he had paid through them as recommended, Pay Pal refused to pay because they wanted to see the Necklace. The Guy told them that he couldn't show them the Necklace as he had to return it according to the 3 day return Policy to be elgible for the refund.



There was another example of the Buyer and Seller in Court.The guy bought a

Cam Corder on EBAY for $1500.00 and never received the Item.The Judge really got ticked on this one. .The Seller claimed he was not familar with the address that was used to sell it on EBAY.Turns out that this was his Mothers home and he had filled out court documents that he did not know of it.



Another was a case where 7 different people complained about the same Seller on EBAY and EBay refused to do anything. When interviewed a VP of EBAY stated "What do you do when a Seller has several thousand good feedbacks and then you get a few complaints?'



This Meg Whitman was interviewed and she either did double talk or ignored the question,. It showed her traveling on an Airplane as if she was running for Political Office and giving a cheerleader speech in Germany where she stated that " EBAY had 132 million Registered Sellera and that if they were a Country they would be the 9th largest.


They showed E BAY in England and then it was noted that EBAY had expanded into China because Sales were slowing in Europe.

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The so-called "Ellis Island" Dollar remains too.


While it appears that the so-called "Ellis Island" dollar has since been removed from eBay's listings, I opened my email today to find one from eBay, in response to my report about the counterfeit COIN. This is the actual email I received from eBay:


"Dear eBay Member,


Thank you for writing eBay in regard to suspicious stamp listings.


Because eBay does not employ or train its Trust & Safety Customer

Support Representatives to be experts in the area of stamps, we rely on

expert opinions from knowledgeable people as well as reliable third

party organizations, such as the American Philatelic Society (APS).


Your report will be reviewed by a group of members that comprise a

community watch group for stamp auctions. They then confer amongst

themselves and either agree or disagree that the listings are

problematic. They then forward that information to the APS for review.

The APS can then agree or disagree after careful consideration. If they

agree, they then contact the seller directly. Sellers are then afforded

24 hours in which to revise or cancel the auctions. If they fail to do

so, eBay must cancel the auction.


Please be sure to check our Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Items

pages for information on eBay listing policies and guidelines:




If you received an informational alert or warning, and you have

additional questions, or you have another listing to report, please

contact us at the following link:




In order for us to get to you in a timely manner, please do not respond

to this email. If you reply to this message we will not receive your

email. All communications should be sent to the link provided above.


Again, thank you for your report. We appreciate your help in keeping

eBay a safe and reputable forum to conduct business.


Thank you for your time.




eBay Customer Support"


Now, here is the email I sent to eBay (which they included with their reply), reporting the problem. Notice even the headers remain, indicating that I had, in fact, selected the CORRECT CATEGORY for reporting, that is, COINS:


"Home > Help Topics > Rules and Policies > Rules for Sellers >

Prohibited and Restricted Items and Services > Selling Coins >

Selling Coins

Item number(s):

140199578416 L11 $US US !32243! 010700 ?01 -01

Message: This item appears to be COUNTERFEIT. There is no such dollar

in existence. This "Ellis Island Dollar" was never issued in 1906, but

was issued as a 1986 (80 years later) Commemorative dollar, with the

date scratched out to change the EIGHT to a ZERO in an effort to

deceive. The seller claims this is an estate purchase and knows nothing

about coins, however LOTS of this seller's other coin listings at least APPEAR to

be counterfeit as well. The BAD item is 140199578416.

For a look at what this coin should REALLY look like, see a LEGITIMATE

example (for informational purposes) under Ebay item number

110215418454, which even has the certificate of authenticity from the US

Mint - and you can see the 1986 date on the coin. THAT is the coin, it

is NOT a re-make."




Given this sort of --- errr ---- EFFICIENCY, I can see why people don't trust eBay. I did everything I could to provide the tools necessary to them. While it appears they have acted, they can't even get it together enough to send me the correct FORM LETTER? I mean come on!



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