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How Well Do You Know Your States?.... Quarters, That is.

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I took some of the high res images from the US Mint's website, and I removed most of the text. I just want to see how good you guys are at telling which state it is, just based on the design. I've become pretty good at this myself, often being able to tell the state of a particular quarter before I read the text. Please excuse my image editing, just a quick job in MS paint got it done.


NO CHEATING! There's nothing to gain from this but your own personal knowledge, so if you feel the need to cheat, please do not respond.


I have scrambled the file names, so don't try and look there either, you won't find anything except a jumble of letters.


When responding, please number your answers so we know what you are talking about. Number as you read, from left to right, and then the next row. For example, the coin with the buffalo would be #2, and the coin with the house would be #3.


Good luck!





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Okay, this is actually pretty easy. How about the year they came out now?


#1 - WV (2002?)

#2 - KS (2006)

#3 - IA (2004)

#4 - MI (2003)

#5 - CA (2004)

#6 - FL (2001)


I may be off by a year on a few of those, but I did it without looking (and I did the states without looking). This may actually be a good quiz for the next time I need to write one for a local coin club.

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Alright, you guys are too good.


Victor was the first to get 100% correct.


Now, if you feel up to it, guess the dates in which the coins were minted, right off the top of your head. Thanks for the idea astrostu.



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