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Interesting Bicentennial quarter

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My wife work in a convenience store and came across an interesting coin. It is stamped like the bicentennial quarter but it is about the size of a dime (just a bit smaller). It also has "Copy" stamped next to Washington's head. The coin is very shiny and well kept.

Has anyone seen or heard anything of a coin like this? Is it possible this is some sort of proof?






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Welcome to our friendly little neighborhood! These are pretty common. There was a company that used to make "miniature coins" some years ago, and the set also included a mini bicentennial Ike dollar and Kennedy half. I still run into these from time to time. There actually was a whole series of these coins, and the company also sold kits with which to collect them.

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On a side note ... It is illegal tender if it was received at a convienence store to purchase something :(

To clarify: making copies of coins that are clearly marked as a COPY is legal. Using a copy that is clearly marked as a COPY as part of a barter exchange as long as the receiving party understands that the item is a copy is legal. Using the copies to make a purchase as legal tender is illegal.


Scott :hi:


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