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question about submitting coins

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What is the best way to package coins to be shipped to ngc? Another question, on the submission form it asks for the value of the coin. What if you don't know? A differance between one grade and another can be quite different.

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Your coins must be submitted in individual flips, one coin per flip. However, do not remove a coin from its certified holder if you are submitting the coin under NGC's CrossOver, ReGrade, ReHolder, or Designation Review services.


Place a flip insert (a piece of paper) with the coin's assigned invoice number and line item number in the other side of the flip. As an alternative, you may use a small sticker on the outside of the flip.


Place all of the coins in a safety mailer or sturdy small box. Inside the box, be sure to use lots of foam padding or bubble wrap, around the coins, being sure that the coins cannot escape the protective padding. We do not recommend the use of newspaper or foam "peanuts" as they do not offer sufficient protection due to shifting during transit which opens the possibility of damage to coins. Important: Pack your coins carefully and thoroughly in case your package is handled roughly. NGC is not responsible for damage to your coins prior to their arrival at NGC or after they leave NGC, so pack and insure your coins appropriately.


With regard to declaring a value for your coins, there are many numismatic publications that can help you like The Red Book or Grey Sheet. These will give you value ranges according to condition (use your best judgement). The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable with the value you declare. This is what your coin will be insured for while in NGC's care.


If a coin is submitted to NGC, and we determine that it was significantly undervalued (and its value exceeds the maximum allowable for the chosen tier), we reserve the right bump up the service tier, and charge the difference in grading fees.


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