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  1. A counterfeiter combined halves from two different coins to create this fake. read more
  2. Toolmarks, depressions and unusual luster help expose a classic silver commemorative as fake. read more
  3. An attempt to create the illusion of a famous variety was sorely lacking in subtlety. read more
  4. The silver content of this convincing fake exceeds U.S. Mint standards for classic commemoratives. read more
  5. Not all fakes are struck recently, as this odd copper one appears to show. read more
  6. A counterfeiter relied on artificial toning and new production techniques to create a colorful fake. read more
  7. This coin is real, but the second strike error is not. read more
  8. This fake’s porous surfaces and substandard execution are sure to tip off observant collectors. read more
  9. A counterfeiter’s effort to fake the date on this coin comes up a little short. read more
  10. The metal composition of this spurious coin is a dead giveaway — it contains not a speck of silver. read more
  11. The denticles and edge of a coin can give important clues about whether it is genuine. read more
  12. Two fakes bear identical imperfections but different dates. read more
  13. A counterfeit $20 gold piece displays uncharacteristically prooflike surfaces and poorly defined devices. read more
  14. Poorly defined details and a low percentage of silver reveal that this isn’t a genuine coin. read more
  15. Poorly defined details, combined with rough surfaces, help expose a spurious silver coin. read more