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some cherry picking got me these.....

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and i have no clue as to what they are and to how much they would be worth. heck some i cant make out much at all. i brightened up the old old looking things to get a outline :)













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First two are a Great Britian Penny and Half Penny both 1938. Not sure about the value but probably not much. A lot going on with the Half Penny, corrosion, PVC, etc.


Jackson may be interested in the half penny due to the ship, if it can be fixed.


The others, I can not tell.



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I think the second may be an english halfpenny, probably 1806. Can't tell for sure because I can't tell the size of the coin. The farthing, half penny and penny all have the same design, only dfference is size.


The third piece is Irish but I don't think it is a true coin. I suspect it is either a token or an evasion piece and I lean toward the evasion.

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1938 penny - not worth more than a dollar or two, these are pretty common.

1938 ha'penny - not worth much at all, due to the corrosion and stuff


the next one looks to be an early ha'penny, judging by the size comparison with the other halfpenny. My first thought was George III judging by the portrait, but it might not be. Its so corroded and messed up that it probably isn't worth much.


the fourth one???? Going wildly out on a limb here, I am going to guess that it might be an irish piece of some sort. The reverse seems to look like the Irish harp to me, but I could be way wrong. The other thing that popped into my head was maybe Swedish or something, it looks like it could be a shield with a crown above it which is sometimes a Northern European thing. Likewise, it is so corroded and messed up that unless you could positively identify it and unless it is something valuable to begin with, this one isn't going to be worth much.

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