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Great Way To End the Year

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Happy New Year and thank you for the kind words on this one! :) The previous owner is a board member who purchased the coin at the 2002 FUN Show. I'm proud to be the new caretaker for this one!




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Remember I am still learning so I have to say the following inorder to finally get it.

Why is it when i buy a toned coin that could look like this one this is what fellow collectors/dealers will tell me, they don't like it for the foloowing reasons:

too dark

too blotchy so possibly AT

some of the toning looks it was wiped

possible fingerprints that toned over

center is not toned and is too white so it may have been dipped and toned over


Now granted they tell me this stuff with old bustie's from the 1820's , so my question is are there any possible issue's mentioned above that also are found on the washington?

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Gorgeous, Lee. :golfclap:


Realone -- I'd wager that coin is NT. Don't confuse the way capped bust coinage tones with Washingtons. Washies have had considerably less time to tone, basically, and are stored in different ways. For a capped bust coin to look like that it would need to be stored for 110 years untoned then "flash toned" in the next 50. Not likely. You don't see "completely untoned" and "dark toning" on not-previously-dipped capped bust coinage for this very reason.


But you do see washies that tone like this quite often, and splotchiness is indictative of natural toning on these. You see it all the time. I would guess a roll, but am not a specialist.... Tom? Anyone?


Also, there are no fingerprints. Just splotchy toning.


Also, just like some people consider bright white coinage bad, others consider "dark toned" coinage bad. Some like splotchy toning, others don't. So basically, different people have different likes and dislikes.


Just like some people don't like tiny coins. ;)


Respectfully submitted as my humble opinion only...Mike


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Thank you Mike and Tom, that is what I need to hear, it was a great help, I understand the differences now, it makes sense. And thanks for no one taking offense to what I wrote, a great education to be had here.

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