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Numismedia values

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What are your opinions on Numismedia for a value guide? Is it reasonable for most coins? Is it not for some coins? I would appreciate your opinions on this.

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usually low for original eye appealling coins in circulated grades (as i am not a subscriber and i use the free numismedia coin price searches for under ms60 price guide) but actually all over the place


sort of a good place to start with to give you an educated guesstimate

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This came from Bobby's (Bosshog) post on Bluebooks:


I'll give you an example Mike. I looked up a regular 1857 FEC in MS63 grade.


PCGS value- $850

Redbook- $550

Ebay (buy it now)- $800

Blue Book- $350


Some additional prices just for comparison:


Coin World: $1000

Numismedia Wholesale:$635

Numismedia Retail: $790

Teletrade 3/4/07 - $475

Heritage last six times at auction (average): PCGS - $685 NGC -$642



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I have mentioned this before especially with Morgans using Numismedia , Coin World trends and Red Book. Particular common Morgan dates in MS65 are listed here in Numismedia for $150.00 while the same coin is listed in Coin World and Red book at anywhere from $175.00- $200.00.


All other types that I have seen are also higher than Numismedia.If you can't see values above MS60 then it just means one is not a paid member here and does not have the Numismedia source above MS60.


It all depends on your perspective.I always consult the Numismedia value.I think everybody would like to think that Morgan that is listed by Numismedia at $150.00 is actually worth the $200.00 listed in Coin world trends.Conversely others would like to think that the $150.00 dollar Morgan they purchased on Ebay for $100.00 received a 50% discount from the Numismedia price while actually the Coin World trend is double the price.THe other side is people who paod $160.00 for the coin valued by Coin world trends is only worth $150.00 via Numismedia and in that scenario they overpaid for it.


Furthermore it would depend to some extent wheter the purchaser wanted it for a Collection or if they planned to resell it.If it is for a resell then it will depend on what will happen in the Market.I would rather try to resell a coin that I paid Numismedia price then Coin World trends.


I guess one could take the average of the three mentioned above.





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