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Christmas COIN Raffle for the Boy Scouts - Destroyed fundraiser by SNOW & WIND

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HI Folks -


Usually I run my giveaways for personal recognition - Feedback attainment etc.




The boys scouts in my area, Massachusetts, had thier annual 'major fund raiser' in Christmas trees, HOWEVER, this year was lets say less than desireable. With the two and 1/2 feet of snow a LOT of Trees were damaged / The operating tent for sales was damaged and "theft" because the boys could not be there, really affected the operating budget for the boys for the upcoming year.

100% of the proceeds fund the kids personal 'camping' accounts so it does not have to come out of the families operating budgets for the household, as currently the weeks camps in this area run between 350-400 per scout per week. We set this system up so the boys can decide which campouts they would like to attend and use thier accumulated funds to help alleviate the costs of the ever growing price of camp.


I am going to run a raffle for thier 100% benefit. I will have the Committe chair (person) write a reciept which I will post here that all monies went towards this purpose.


Up for raffle, with ANY $ amount you can donate, is


2007-d First Day of Issue Washington President Dollar BU

(Collector Society Freebie)


1897-p Morgan Dollar PCI graded AU58 ( I think it is MS )

This was discussed here previously and I posted pictures of said coin and NO ONE said it was an AU coin.


2007-d Sacagawea PCGS graded MS66

Sharp strike no off coloring


1970-d Kennedy MS66/67

This one was also discussed on the boards here with its die polish lines showing.


1991 MS Silver Eagle ( Raw )

No spots sharp strike


1898-o Morgan Dollar ( MS Grade Raw )

Sharply definined breast feathering


1987 P&D Kennedy ( Raw ) MS66/67 Grade

Low mintage






All donations MUST be via paypal to bobsmo@dfront.net ( This is my active Email for questions also ) or PM me if wanting to send a check payable to "Troop 1 Bellingham,MA" and I will give you the address to send it too - Please Include in a message




Phone Number

board nick

email address


Also to help ME keep track of the donations sent

PLEASE post a response to the raffle BEFORE sending any money via PM or Public .


You will receive a thank you note from one of the boys of Troop One Bellingham as a presonal thank you via email OR written note.


Thanks and May you have a Prosperous and Healthy 2008


With Warm Regards,


Michael Bonnell ( jgrinz )


PS - As my Transfer capabilities from my camera to PC has died I will post pictures of the raffle items as soon as possible.

It will probably be tomorrow the 24th


This raffle will go to the new year 2008 and winner will be announced soon thereafter - 2nd or 3rd.



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Just a follow up on Our Troop and its problems and Our Resolve ...


There are lot of kids whos families can not afford to send thier kids to camp...

There was also a situation where a Troop Master could not afford to go to camp... but wanted to serve badly ..


Our answers were all for the benefit of the troop and its continued operation with a Leader( Director ) and Full group of kids who wanted to participate, CAN PARTICIPATE!


The troop out of the general fund PAYS for the Troop Master 100% of the time there is a outing ...


Each Kid has his own account for funds produced through fundraising, this account is MAINTAINED by the Treasurer of the troop and NOT the kids. They have to request monies to be romoved to pay for a trip they would like to go on.


All kids have EQUAL hours that must be 'served' per fund raiser so EACH kids accounts will be deposited an equal amount per fundraiser. They only have control

of the monies as to when to use it and will NEVER be dispersed to them in CASH.


The general fund is funded by a Fourth of July Fundraiser with Popcorn and Cotton candy - This fund is used for maintanence of equipment and miscellaneous expenditures.




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Count me in, too, Mike. I'll send you Pay Pal Cash when I get home if I can get my internet access working. I've been having trouble with my router ever since Comcast took over our area from Time Warner.



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Thanks Chris -


Very Generous Dwaine Thank You


I got my USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE working so I can data transfer pictures now

Pictures shortly of the rest of the Raffle LOT





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This is the guy who is putting on the Raffle for the boys scouts - Yes that is me albiet 20 years ago with my Wife ... What was she thinking :tonofbricks:


So you know who you are dealing with -


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This is the guy who is putting on the Raffle for the boys scouts - Yes that is me albiet 20 years ago with my Wife ... What was she thinking :tonofbricks:


So you know who you are dealing with -


You looked like you could have been a stunt double for Robert Redford in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Can you swim? Do you like to jump off cliffs? lol



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I dont have his BRIGHT blues though - Mine are kinda HAZEL and yes I have heard that before ... THE NOW picture is ehem ... a little different :)


I will post that later when I post both in the other forum



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Come on, people! Where is your holiday spirit? It's all going for a good cause. I'd hate to see that Dwaine and I are the only ones in on this. Um, let's see.......you take the "P" and I'll take the "D". Have you got two quarters for a 50c piece?


If you've already PM'ed your participation, at least acknowledge it, here. It could be contagious.



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Chris, I was thinking the same thing. You don't have to tell how much you donate and even if it is just a little bit, every bit will help such a wonderful cause.

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