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You've got the money . . .

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Mine was the Holy Grail of Frankies, the 53s FBL.... I needed it to complete my Registry set in 100% FBL, then I also wanted to be one of the few that owned one..

It was a blast....


The coin for me now, the 1916d Winged Liberty in a FB mint state grade....

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In order of preference (If I coudln't obtain one (i.e. can't find it, person won't sell, etc), just go down to the next and so forth), my top 5 "if I had the money" pieces.


1. Ultra High Relief, Lettered Edge $20 Saint

2. 1922 High Relief Peace Dollar (Proof)

3. 1880 $4 Stella, Coiled Hair

4. Uncirculated, nice uncleaned or lightly cleaned eye appealing $10 Liberty Cap, Heraldic Eagle

5. A nice MS-65 or better 1856 Flying Eagle cent

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For me its a Coiled Hair Stella - 1879 or 1880, wouldn't matter. Gold would be preferred, but I'd be happy with a Copper or Aluminium one. If I'm going to spend the money for a Stella, it would have to be nice.

Why would I want this coin: Its a unique denomination, with a unique design.


IF I couldn't find a Coiled Hair Stella, I'd "settle" for an Ultra High Relief.

Why: The most beautiful US Coin ever struck.


Both of the above coins are patterns. If I were to pick a regular issue coin it would be the 1795 $5 Gold. It was the 1st US gold coin struck. The obverse design - a Turban Head Miss Liberty - is not my favorite design, she's a bit on the "chubby side" probably in keeping with the ideal late 18th century "beauty", but the Reverse Eagle is a defiante eagle - "don't mess with me" - and I think it captures the spirt of our new nation. (I'd settle for the 1795 $10 if I couldn't find the $5).


If none of the above were available, I'd have to "settle" for a Gobrecht Dollar, - I'd prefer the obverse Stars, reverse no stars variety to me more aesthetically pleasing- The Eagle is the best eagle design of any US coin, later copied for the FE cent, and a variation used for the St.Gaudens Double Eagle (1907-1933). Gobrecht was way ahead of his time.


If I couldn't have gold or silver, then I'd settle for a gorgeously toned, cameoed Indian Head Cent (bronze) . The best cent design of all. I'd choose an 1864 because it was the first year of issue and despite its 1st appearance during the turmoil of the civil war, there are some wonderful cameo examples available. I once owned a PCGS 1864 Pr64RD Deep Cameo, which I always felt was undergraded (and I was right - it subsequently ended up as an NGC Pr65RD Cameo, and I then owned it again).


There are certainly many other rare and significant US coins, but the above are a few of my favorites.


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A Hibernia with a Norweb pedigree. shocked.gif OK, maybe not.


I'd like a TRUE gem Bust dollar. Not one of the market graded POS that are in gem slabs, but a true unscrewed with gem.


Also wouldn't mind a gem Gobrecht.

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The octagonal Pan-Pac $50 with totally original surfaces, dusty patina and slight burnt orange coloration from the oxidized copper. cloud9.gif

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God Almighty! I'm drooling at the above list of coins.


I'd very much like any (all?) of the following:


1918-S buffalo nickel, MS66 with an excellent strike.

Gobrecht dollar, MS and purddy (like the one TDN recently posted), but with the field of stars.

AU 1793 Liberty Cap cent with a smooth planchet.

MS65 octagonal (I like the dolphins) $50 Pan Pac with original surfaces. I just love the image of Minerva and her owl.


Okay, I'm having trouble breathing.... Hoot cloud9.gif

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1920-S Eagle that matches my set. Choice AU

1909-O Half Eagle with LUSTER, please. Choice AU

1911-D Half Eagle with LUSTER, please. Choice AU


There, I'm in the poor house now. You satisfied? laugh.gif



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I'd want the following:


1. The Carter specimen of the 1794 dollar

2. The Stack specimen of the 1870S dollar

3. The 1851O "restrike" dollar

4. Any problem-free 1853 "restrike" PF dollar

5. The Matthews specimen of the BB91 dollar

6. The Haines specimen of the BB18 w/ silver plug

7. The Legend/Eliasberg specimen of the 1885 Trade dollar

8. The Legend specimen of the 1878CC Trade dollar

9. The Legend/Carter specimen of the 1874CC Trade dollar

10. The Libertas that belongs to a fellow board member that I saw at the recent ANA show.


Ahhh, dare to dream!




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