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first triangular coin, true or false?

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recently was minted a triangular coin, it was supposed to be the first unordinary shaped coin of its kind issued ever, but unexpectedly it wasn't so. the fact is, that there were minted a lot of triangular coins a long time ago. for example: starting from 1992, many triangulars were produced by diferent minting companies in different countries, even on isolated islands. i guess this is a strong controversory information that the Tutankhamun coin was not the first triangular coin seen by the world. the article shows bright examples on this subject. i found it on http://dig4coins.com/Articles/37-Other%20Coins/139-triangular-coins.html

if you're interested in details, you may explore it.

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I remembered the Bermuda coin but when I went to the link, I was reminded of the Polish 10-zloty coin, which is very cool looking when you see it in person! The Polish Mint does a very good job on many of the NCLT coins they produce.


Scott :hi:

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I have several triangular coins..I even have a square coin from Tonga..5 sided coins, 6, 7,8, 10 sided coins....here's one of my favorites from my sailing ship themed set...the series has 10 coins and counting...all triangular...


also, here's another neat, non-round coin celebrating the millenium...gorgeous coins..





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