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Well, hope I'm not being a pest here today!


I just discovered NANCS, North American Numismatic Certification Service. I wonder when THEY came on the scene. I was a bit surprised to see that the "Finest Known" Coin dealer was offering many of their pieces. So I went hunting on E-Bay and found a few lots of IKE dollars, all NANCS certified. Even the seller is saying that they are over graded.


What gives with NANCS, and is there a connection with "Finest Known"?


Ya' know, all these initials are getting kinda' confusing...ANACS, PCGS, PCI, SEGS, ICG, NTC, NGC, NCS, NANCS and so on....I sure wish they would come up with new names as I'm sure there is considerable confusion out there (probably the intent). Maybe they could all be assigned names on the NBSA...National Bilk Slab Association...or SSA...Scam Slab Association...I can think of a LOT more but perhaps the best is DWYMCA...DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY CERTIFICATION ASSOCIATION. Then they could all use different shaped slabs...garbage cans, toilets, recycle bins...and so on.



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I must have the information on another computer, but NANCS has been around for over 6 months and yes there does seem to be a connection between the company and the "Finest Known" dealer. When they first showed up he was handling a lot of them, and he seemed to be either the only or at least primary source. It is possible to find them from other sources now.

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Personally, I'm a bit concerned with the MTRB! I haven't gotten my first "massive" check from the Massachusetts Teacher's Retirement Board" yet. Maybe they've been investigated by the KGB.


I have no coin questions for you guys yet today...but the evening is just beginning.


Hope you all are warm and well. First measurable snow was last night...maybe half an inch...with a nice coating of sleet. See what you Florida people are missing????





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