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Newly found copper coin/worth cleaning?grading?conserving?

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Hello, This is my first post and I have a general question.I recently found a Fugio cent and having been in the ground is this coin something you would be willing to clean/conserve??Thanks in advance. Bob.


Here are some pics. the second is blurry from moving during pic. thanks.


also it has turned a bit green in some areas.




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Welcome to the forum Bob. Depending on how long this thing has been in the ground would depend on if it could be conserved or not. NCS does pretty good on most coins, but if it is damaged too bad, there might not be much you can do with it. It would be nice to see a picture of it if you can. This will enable others to maybe give a more accurate response. If you've never uploaded pics to a forum also, you can check out photobucket and start a free acct. with them to upload pics from your pc. Hope this helps you!

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From what I see I'd say it is real. I don't see any need to send it in for conservation.* You're not going to get rid of the rough lightly corroded surfaces and proabably about all they would be able to do is lighten it up some which would probably make it look unnatural. The most I would do would be a rinse with alcohol or acetone and some distilled water to make sure there aren't any contaminants on the surfaces.


* Disclaimer: This poster does not like the TPG's or their conservation services and would be hard pressed to EVER recommend sending a coin to one. Please keep that in mind when reading his posts.

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Great find there .. I think i would spend some more time at the spot it was found (thumbs u


hear is a detector found coin i sent to NCS.. Sorry if you had seen my earlier post with this coin in..










hope this helps you make your decision

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