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Cross-Over Results

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Here's the latest results of some coins I crossed-over into NGC from other holders. All of them were cracked out first and submitted as raw with a number of other raw coins:


1950 PF Dime - PCI PF65 CAM - NGC PF64 CAM

1924 Huguenot 50c - ANACS MS64 - NGC MS64

1936 Lynchburg 50c - ANACS MS63 - NGC MS63

1915-S Pan-Pac 50c - ANACS MS61 - NGC MS62


I was a little disappointed in the dime, but the Pan-Pac more than made up for it. grin.gif

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Excellent results RWW. Congrats.


I believe more and more that ANACS can legitimately compete with NGC and PCGS for grading and attributing U.S. coins. I'm not claiming that they are as good of a service, but for the most part, coins in their holders live up well to the grades assigned.


My latest crossovers:


1938-S MS65 full steps Jefferson 5c ---> PCGS @ same grade/designation.

1964-D MS64 full steps Jefferson 5c ---> PCGS @ same grade/designation.


Both nice coins, both 5 step nickels, both fairly rare conditionally.



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Thanks Keith. Populations:


1938-S full steps: pop 4 MS65/3 MS66/ 1 MS67

1964-D full steps: pop 12 MS64/11 MS65/2 MS66


Also, Simply for high mint states, both of the above coins don't have much in the way of graded populations. I think, in part, it's a matter that many are still out raw, especially for the 1964-D, but the fact of the matter is that most of the 1938-S coins went into general circulation and nobody gave a rip about the 1964-D coins, so they also went into circulation. Also, the reverse of 1938 is quite weak, and there are very few out of SF that had full step reverses - must have been a coin press adjustment thing. (God, I sound like a hillbilly). By 1964, the Mint was still using the master hubs made in the late 1930s (the obverse made in 1938 and the reverse [of 1940] made in 1939). Most coins minted by 1964 were very bad.



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