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The eBay buyer from HELL.....should I give him a preemptive NEG?

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Ordered coin on a buy it now. Sent CHECK which takes time to clear. Clearly spelled out in terms. I ship coin ONE WEEK after deposit of check and have at LEAST ten snotty emails from him.


One of his stupid emails is requesting me to block his bids as he NEVER wants to wait this long again. This guy can't even figure out that the answer is just to NOT BID if he can't wait.


The other coin I sold on the same day was a MO and shipped immediately and I already have positive feedback on it. This jarhead insufficiently_thoughtful_person who ordered the other coin sends at least 1 or 2 emails per day. One asked for the tracking number which I provided and now today he is asking why I won't send the tracking number EVEN THOUGH he THANKED me for it.


Question is: I ..........know...........I'm gonna get a neg even if I mistakenly shipped the Brasher doubloon. My CRAW is ITCHING to put this insufficiently_thoughtful_person in his place along with a blistering email suggesting his ancestral lineage and lack of courtesy and BRAINS.


Now...........I am contemplating a preemptive neg just to smooth what I know will be this b***hole's ONLY way to get jollies.


What think? Give him first swing or deck the fool now?



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I would wait to see what he does first. It sounds like he is so dumb he might not even know how to leave feedback. I would just block him from bidding in your auctions and if he does not leave you a neg. feedback first I would just forget about him. Now if he does leave you a neg., then by all means BLAST him good! devil.gif




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Focus on the goal if you want to avoid the Negative feedback.


You might consider a follow-up email in which you explain you're sorry for any inconvenience the shipping delay caused, but that you've been burned in the past (or words to that effect) with bad checks. Explain that you try to make your payment policy clear in your listings, but that perhaps there's a better way to phrase the information. Ask if he has suggestions that might make the policy more transparent. Finally, explain that you want him to be happy with his purchase and that if he isn't he may return the item for a full refund. In other words, take the high road (and a short term hit) to promote the actual end result you prefer.


Then wait.


If he still posts Negative feedback, deploy the nukes at your discretion. If he posts Positive or Neutral feedback, respond in kind with carefully chosen words. If he never posts feedback, let it go or respond at your discretion when about 90 days have elapsed since the auction closed. In all cases, block him from further bidding on your auctions, and add his email address to your spam filter.


This is like the bank robbery where you strap explosives to yourself and threaten to blow up the bank if you don't get the money. When the bank teller refuses to pay, you have a decision to make. What is your goal? To get out of the bank alive, or to prove a point even if it kills you?


Good luck,



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In other words, take the high road (and a short term hit) to promote the actual end result you prefer.


Definitely the preferred approach. Oh, and be sure to tell him you appreciate his business.

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That's what I am doing. TWO more emails this morning. This guy has a good feedback and seems to do quite a bit of bizz.


I have no idea HOW.


The emails this morning were one from him accusing me of not even mailing the coin and the second from ebay where he is apparently trying to insinuate some sort of fraud.


I have so far been courteous in all my replies to him .... but, man....this is growing tiresome.


You're right in that this is not my life's biggest worry......thank God......but it is sure [!@#%^&^] me off at the moment.


The coin was mailed and I told him and have now just stopped responding to his emails. The PO will give him his coin and MAYBE he will go away.


This is the FIRST shipment I have ever felt a need to get a return receipt.


WHAT a deal.......to make 30 bucks.



email count at ........... FIFTEEN !!!!



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Send him ONE more email.


Auction ended: X/XX/XX

Payment received: X/XX/XX

Item mailed: X/XX/XX


That's it. Let him scream. Let him file all the eBay forms he wants. Let him neg you if he wants (you can get it removed). At the very least don't leave feedback for the guy until he does for you.



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g marguli.......been there.....done that..


This insufficiently_thoughtful_person has even THANKED me for the information and still the stuff keeps coming.




waiting, watching, preparing.......

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Also, keep ALL emails - his and yours. I once HAD to file a fraud charge against a guy who blatantly misrepresented his stuff. What made it so very easy was that I had kept all correspondence with the guy and put it in a MS Word document (along with fraud documentaiton). eBay arbitrators were impressed that I had made proper attempts at communication. I'm sure this would be vital in defending yourself as well.


Sounds like a real jerk. Sorry you have to do this.



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Hoot.....a great suggestion and a practice I have performed for over 4 years now.


I have an email folder with subfolders


auction start

end auction

notify winner

buyer ack notify

2nd notice

non pay contact

non pay response

bidder blab


I save EACH and EVERY email for at least 90 days or until I get a positive from the other party.


Just part of the game........gotta repeat.....it's only a game...only a game..only a....




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