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Post your Pilgrims... and a little history lesson. ANSWER POSTED 11/14.

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Well, it's that time of year again, so post your Pilgrims... and since it is that time of year again I thought that it would be time for a little history lesson.


Puritans often get a bad rap in this country... think of how many times you've heard about "Puritanical" this or that. Just like the Waltz was once thought of as highly risque, the Puritans were at one time thought of as the Radicals of their era. Can anyone tell me what it was that the Puritans agitated for that was HIGHLY progressive for that era and that got the Powers That Be so upset? I'll post the answer no later than tomorrow morning my time (CA.).


EDITED TO ADD: Answer posted below, 9:15 am 11/14.





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Was it Free Born Rights whereas they believed they were governed and destined by God given rights as opposed to those handed down or dictated by government. In Gods hands so to speak, true seperation of church and state? Which I think began in England and carried over to our Continent. Just grasping here.


Here is mine.


By the way Sy, yours is beautiful.









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Maybe a quote from Purtian Roots: A brief sketch of the Values of Puritanism by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon as published in "A Puritan's Mind" :


During the 17th century, there were legal actions taken against the Puritans because they did not want to follow the Act of Uniformity, and could not in good conscience. This Act of Uniformity was an "edict" which demanded that preachers would read form the ceremonial prayer book during services, wear Anglican vestments, and support the Anglican ceremonies. The Church of England was also demanding that young preachers who desired a degree from the university of Oxford or Cambridge, were compelled to sign the Act before they could earn any degree at all. The conscious act of rejecting a forced religious view gave them the name "Puritans." They desired to purify the church. The Puritans, because of this Act, were vehemently persecuted, and they could expect anything from being burned at the stake, to being placed in prison for an indefinite period of time


Not sure if this is what you are looking for but it certainly sheds light on a group whom I previously had the wrong idea about. Thanks for the spark to make me look, Sy. I look forward to your post tomorrow morning.

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Lovely Pilgrims everyone!!!



Also, there were some good responses to the question. The answer I was looking for was that the Puritans were considered Radical for their times because they agitated for Universal Public Education. Basically it was an outgrowth in their belief that each person should stand before God without some sort of intermediary like the (Episcopal) Church. Thus everybody should be able to read the Bible on their own. Given the percentage of people that had some sort of schooling during this Era (and thus had The Power of Knowledge), this was indeed a firebreathing sort of outlook.

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