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tired of raw !

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i was coin store hunting today. i found that all but the 2 stores here in pocatello idaho dont know what they r talking about. not 1 graded coin for sale in store and all the "store grade" was ms60 and up! they were trying to say a bent 09 vdb was in ms62.i told them a damaged coin is ungradable. they said damage doesnt count on rare coins :) i left laughing so loud the store next door could here me.


i will not ever pay ms price on a raw coin. not that there are not ms raw coins but i dont want the chance to come up that i over paid for a coin with a face value that couldnt buy a pc of gum.


i have been debating on selling all coins from collection and stick with other things. i have sold much more paper money than coin money. so i think ill stick with papermoney and comics.

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Why do you say a damaged coin is "ungradable"? It obviously IS gradable since the store owner had a grade on it. It may not be slabable, but that is a totally different thing.

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It’s not a matter of the coin being upgradeable. It’s a matter of the coin not being generic in the eyes of the general market.


Net grading is has always been a controversial issue. How much to do you down grade a VF coin with a rim nick? The classic guidelines say one grading description to Fine. Yet there have historically been a large number of collectors who would rather purchase a Fine with no problems than a VF with a rim nick. For the that reason the major TPGs refused to net grade coins and put them in body bags.


BUT, what if the coin is really old, rather rare and usually found with problems? In that that case PCGS, more than NGC, net graded the coin and put it in a holder. I’ve such items. (e.g. a 1795 half cent with a major problem with AU sharpness net graded to EF. An 1812 cent with a noticeable lamination on the obverse with EF sharpness net graded to VF.)


Generally scarce coins with problems have become problem children for their owners. Such coins are desirable, sometimes more desirable than their graded cousins, but still not in the holder, which cut off a large segment of the market for such pieces.


The NCS holder provides part of an answer, but sadly I find the NCS holder to be unattractive. I’d take an old time ANACS holder, but those are now passé. hm

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