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Cleaned Coin

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You'd be better off asking this in the US Coin Forum.


The coin is valued based on what the market will pay. ANACS uses net grading to help show the severity of the damage (in this case cleaning) and to place a value based on what they think the coin is worth.

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Have ANACS 1866S "no motto" half that is EF detail but down graded to VF-30, because it was cleaned. Question: when I file the coin is it valued at VF-30 and would it trade for VF-30 money? Fairly new to coin collecting so this maybe a very basic question. foreheadslap.gif


Hey snookiedog,


Welcome to the forum. Greg is correct that it's value is determined by the market, but I would like to add a few more comments related to this matter.


The reality is that it could sell for more or for less, depending on the eye appeal. I have seen some net graded ANACS coins that were no worse than problem-free ANACS coins. I will probably get flamed for saying this, but it depends on who submits the coins, the timeframe that it was submitted and the position of the stars in relation to planets. I have found some great bargains in net-graded ANACS slabs.


Here's an example: we sold THIS BUST HALF on ebay in July. We guaranteed the grade at VF-30 at any grading service. The winner sent the coin to ANACS and it came back as "VF details, NET F-12, Cleaned". The coin is very nice and as original as any circulated draped bust half. We happily honored the return, especially since it sold for less than we expected.


At the St. Louis coin show last month, we took the coin to ANACS to "confer" with their "experts". We brought the bust half linked above, in the ANACS NET F-12 holder, along with a bust half in a problem-free ANACS holder that was blatantly polished. We sat the coins side by side and literally asked ANACS "what are you guys smoking?". They agreed that an error had been made and that they would reholder our draped bust half in a VF holder. We told them "thanks but no thanks...we don't need to have our coins slabbed to sell them". Notice how they did not offer to reholder the polished half in a Net-graded slab???


The point is that you can't always trust what's printed on the slab. You must be able to grade coins and identify problems with coins to supplement what is printed on a slab. The guy who won our coin on ebay only collects bust halves in VF-30 or better condition in ANACS slabs (he likes the small slab size). ANACS is all over the place with grading. Their consistency seems shoddy lately.


Your seated half could be worth EF money, if the cleaning is negligible, or worth Fine money if the cleaning is harsh. Could you post an image??


Dennis - Jade Coin

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