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FBL Franklins NGC vs PCGS Population differences

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On the multiple issues I compared it seemed like NGC FBL pops were below non-FBL and PCGS was vice versa (more FBLs than regular). Why is this? If both companies receive the same quality coins than one would assume NGC is more stringent on the FBL designation. I already asked across the street and no one wanted to talk about it besides informing me that grey sheets dont list FBLs when comparing market values of NGC vs PCGS on this. sumo.gif


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I'm not intimately familiar with the designation requirements of NGC for FBL, however, PCGS requires a mostly complete lower set of three lines for the FBL designation of Franklins. Keeping in mind the fact that I am not certain about NGC, I do believe that NGC requires not only the lower set of three lines to be complete but also the upper set of lines to be complete. Again, I am not certain about NGC but do think that they are more stringent in this designation.


This interpretation can be consistent with what you have found in the populations.

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TomB is correct. NGC requires all 6 bell lines to be full without any hits on the lines. PCGS only requires the bottom 3 bell lines to be complete and they will allow a tiny area near the bell crack to be incomplete as well as some small hits on the bell lines.

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NGC requires all sets of Bell Lines to be full and uninterupted.... where as previously mentioned, PCGs only requires the bottom three.


Heres some observations from my experiences with both services on Franklins...


Since NGC is stricter on bell lines a NGC coin should have a more solid strike, However, I have encountered many that wouldn't make FBL at PCGs and just got back one on a recent submission. It seems that they may tend to focus on the upper lines and not the bottom at times, but these coins are the exception and I have seen many PCGs coins that had no buisness being in a FBL holder.


This coin went FBL at NGC:



You can clearly see a break in all three of the upper lines, therefore this coin should not have made FBL per their strict standard.


Here is a PCGs coin:



The PCGs coin has all the Bell Lines there... My point in this is you still have to assess each and every coin individually regardless of the holder. Many of the PCGs Franklins have all the Bell Lines complete, this is what I searched for when I was building my set.


I used to believe that NGC was consistently a point under PCGs in overall grade.

These are my findings on this issues at this point in time.


I have made some very large and substantial purchases of NGC Franklins and I have found many of them to be undergraded presenting some tremendous values due to their usually cheaper asking price.


Both NGC and PCGs coins in GEM seem to be the same to me, as far as contact marks, clean fields.... Strike... I have now compared many side by side and I'm seeing them to be equal for the most part.


NGC will grade a darker toned coin higher, where PCGs tends to knock it a point.

These type of coins would be harder to cross, or, a great cross depending on which service you are crossing to.


NGC has more wonderful toned proof Franklins slabbed then what PCGs does. Pcgs doesn't seem to like these, where NGC loves em, and I can see why!




I now believe NGC's grading of Franklins is on par with anybody elses.

And as a pleasent surprise to me, I have also found many great scores in ANACS holders. They seem to use the full bell line standards that NGC does and many coins can be scored here that will go FBL with PCGs. These coins also tend to sell for low prices...


On Proof Franklins, don't ignore ICG holders, you might be surprised...


The bottom line I think is to get to know the Franklin series well. Learn what to expect in each year of issue, learn what each service likes to see in a GEM coin, and most important of all, really learn how to properly grade them.

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I also believe that NGC pops are lower for this reason as well..... Several dealers I know, will only submitt to PCGs because of a more lenient view on FBL.


I believe that NGC sees less Franklins then PCGs does. Then, when a submission is made to NGC and coins don't go FBL that would have had they of been submitted to PCGs, when these coins are found, they are more then likely cracked out and submitted to PCGs further affecting the pop reports.

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Lucy, you know I love Frankies and there are some real bargains in NGC holders, but this concentration on FBL lines drives me whacky. There are some outstanding Frankies that are not FBL that put their FBL brethen to shame.


To me its nutty that you have to take a 10X loupe out to determine the market value of a coin. 893frustrated.gif

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I should have mentioned that...


No doubt about, there are many Stunning GEMs that are non-fbl, and these GEMs present a awesome value, in some cases, thousands of dollars less then their fbl bretheren.... Such as the 53s....


These coins in non-fbl can be a very fun and satisfiying set to complete in GEM on a relatively little budget...


Because of the Registrys, the non-fbl coins are over looked... what a shame, but what a oppertunity for the collector.....

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To me its nutty that you have to take a 10X loupe out


My dear, the HepKitty has awesome eyesight, no need for a loupe to see FBL on a half dollar....


try Full Torchie on a Roosie........

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