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Scummy eBay/PayPal

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Anyone get the latest update from PayPal? It affects people who use the PayPal debit card in order to get the 1.5% cashback.


The requirements for receiving 1.5% cashback after September 25 are as follows:

Obtain and activate a PayPal MasterCard ATM/Debit Card.

List at least one item on eBay every three weeks, and have a valid eBay user ID and password registered with PayPal.

Make sure PayPal is the only online payment option you advertise in your eBay listings.

Maintain an active PayPal Premier or Business account.

Have the PayPal Preferred on eBay preference turned on. You can do this by clicking on the Auctions link from PayPal's Profile tab or, at the end of September from your payment preferences within My eBay.

Sellers who do not meet these new and existing requirements will be disqualified from receiving 1.5% cashback on purchases. Disqualified users may re-qualify by meeting all of the eligibility requirements.



One of the ways I could justify paying the PayPal fees is that I could recoup 1.5% of the 2.9% by using the debit card for everyday purchases. Now I have to list on eBay every 3 weeks.


I hate eBay more and more every day. On well, at least this is better than the fee increases which are due to be announced soon. mad.gif

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Maybe check out epier.com? Or are they dead already...I bought something from them once. Coins even...

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The sad thing is that eBay has the most bidders. I'm just so tired of them looking at ways to keep you from using other sites and services. I hope the govt goes after them for uncompetitive practices.

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I have been asking my auction winners to pay by check or MO and not use paypal.

I had one buyer use paypal 3 times, resulting is 3 charges for 3 $1.00 auctions. Toadal charge was $1.08. Nothing big but a lesson learned for later auctions.



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