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Top 10 Reasons Gold is at $700 per oz.

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Top 10 Reasons Gold is at $700.00 per oz.


10. Popularity of players "Grills" are the Bling-Bling rage now.



9. Just as much as the golden "Hip-Hop Cups"



8. "Elvis has left the building"



7. Hollywood is gearing up for "Leathal Weapon 5"



6. Possibility of Gold's Gim and Popeye's in partnership franchises.



5. Team USA selected the Men's Basketball team for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing



4. Mr. "T" rumored to replace Whoopi on "The View"



3. Beyoncé goes to #1 on AskMen.com's Top 99 Women list



2. Correction: It's Goldberg who is rumored to replace Goldberg on "The View"



And the number 1 reason Gold is at $700.00 per oz.


1. SageRad & Stinkycheese are secretly buying up all the available gold!






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Funny! But I can never resist adding to lists like this:


11. New Nigerian e-mail scam using secret cache of Krugerrands as bait.


12. Bank clerk in Switzerland mistakenly hit the Buy key when attempting to liquidate Russian mafia king's hoard.


13. It's a nice, round number.


Any more?




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Sorry to say but $700.00 USD ==is just not what it used to be.Good thing is soon all those

jobs that went to other country's will be coming back.Bad news none of us will be able to afford the spoons we make in them

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