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1870 Proof Set work in progress

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Many of you have seen some of these but I wanted to share them all in one thread for you:


1870 25C PF62




1870 H10C PF65 Toned dark and hard to display:




1870 3CN PF65CA:



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superb start to the extremely undervalued quite scarce+++ 1870 proof set


when you finish if, IF it is a well matched set it will be quite the rare unusual item





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I do agree. I am thinking I will need to replace the half dime at some time as it doesn't match the other two coins. I would like to eventually upgrade the quarter at some point and time as well. My orignal goal was to get a complete set and wasn't really thinking about getting the coins matched.

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My orignal goal was to get a complete set and wasn't really thinking about getting the coins matched.


As if finding them all isn’t hard enough… :tonofbricks:


My 1883 proof set started with a darker dime and quarter which later were replaced.


I found this dealer who had bought a complete raw 1883 set and sent to NGC for grading. They bagged the cent; this ended the dealers attempt to sell the proof set whole, (bad for him, but good for me). When I first contacted him the trade dollar was sold but he had the rest of the silver pieces which I was able to buy over a few months giving me four silver coins that had been stored together for a long but unknown time that match quite nicely. This left only the trade dollar to find looking as close to the rest as I could find/afford.


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I have considered building a Proof set with my type coins. I do have an 1869 quarter and silver dollar. The trouble is I'm picky. It's hard enough these days to find the type coins let alone adding the need to find a specific date. THEN if you add in the need for the silver coins to have similar toning, you are looking at a near impossible task.


There are original Proof sets that have never been broken. Collectors have put together some impressive date runs of these. Back in the 1970s I remember a couple of these collections coming to market. I once owned a 1909 Proof set that had almost certainly been together since 1909. The silver coins were beautifully matched with blue and gold toning. I sold that set years ago to make the down payment on my first home.


BTW my 1909 set only had an Indian cent in it. There were no Lincoln cents. In those days the cent and nickel were sold together; the silver coins were sold as sets; and the same was true of the gold sets. If a collector had wanted to add the 1909-VDB and 1909 Plain cents, in most cases he would have had to have purchased two more cent and nickel sets to do that. AND if you look at the mintage for the 1909 Proof nickel, you will see that it is by far the highest in the Liberty Nickel series (4,763). So a fair number of the collectors went back and did purchase additional cent – nickel Proof sets.


I might add that original Proof sets sell for FAR more that the catalog prices for the individual coins. The reason is not just because the coins are so well matched. These sets also provide historical evidence as to when some die varieties of Proof coins were issued. If it’s an original set and a variety of coin X is in it, it gives clues as to when the mint struck a given variety. The evidence can be enhanced in when the original mint invoices still exist with the collection. And yes that are some old time collections that have this type of evidence intact.


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Sweet looking additions Dwaine! :applause: Looks like some nice cameo frost on all the quarters.


So, are you putting together a grading set of 1870 PR quarters too?! :grin: Now that you've got a pr62, pr63 and pr64 are you going for a pr61 and pr65? :baiting:

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For some reason, it seems like 1870 Proof Quarters are fairly available...not so with some other denominations, though. I found the Cent particularly difficult to find in decent shape. They often come wood-grainy and/or poor mirrors and/or otherwise unattractive. What grade is your Cent and how do the mirrors look? For reference, mine (with lots of glare, but showing the reflectivity) is below (NGC PF65RB):



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Here are my pictures of some I got from Heritage:


1870 H10C PF65:



1870 3CS PF64:



1870 1C PF66 RD:


Not sure what to do with this holder, I think I am going to send it to NGC to get holdered again. This is how I got it from Heritage.



1870 25C PF63



1870 25C PF64



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superb (thumbs u




i agree send the chipped holder to ngc for reholder .......................


as i think? it is busted right through to the inner white core


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Dwaine you posted the PF 63 along side my images of the PF 64. Sweet coins none the less!


Edited to add this is the coin above the Proof 64 you have labeled incorrectly in the thread. You got them mixed up.

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