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My worst submission to NGC ever…

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I took 8 coins with me to the ANA to have the “expert” from NGC screen my coins before submitting them for grading. Three of the coins he thought would be no problem and two he thought had an 80% chance, so those coins made up the order.


Well what I got was 4 of the 5 bagged for improper cleaning; the one that did grade out was the coin that looked most likely not too. :pullhair:


Man I’m sure glad I waited till the ANA convention to have some one look at them before spending money uselessly, :makepoint: what a bunch of *spoork*…



I’ll post pictures later.


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Due diligence does not always equal success, but over time your odds for success will improve. It didn’t work out this time, but your plan was sound.

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That's quite unfortunate. Would you please share with us the coins that were submitted and the grades you thought they would certify?

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Paul B---- That is terribly deflating. Certainly have my sympathy. Like the others, I too would like to see some pictures.


If they had said 50--50, then you would have not been expecting as much success. But with the odds that you were given, that had to hurt. Sort of like getting blindsided after you had passed the traffic accident already.


Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. It WILL be OK. Bob [supertooth]

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Thanks for the kind words guys!! (thumbs u


I don’t post from work very often but when I saw the grades, or should I say lack of, I was shocked and P.O.ed. I had reservations about two of the coins, but I thought all three of the silver pieces would get slabbed. Your right Supertooth, it was like a blindsiding.


Two of the bagged coins I’ll still keep, but like I was telling EZ a couple days ago, I’ve been recycling some of the coins I own into new purchases that are needed for my type set, so actually I have the fun of looking for the new stuff.


Let’s start with what was slabbed:


This was a maybe coin I was told, do to past cleanings. I felt it is a VF25 and that’s just what the assigned grade is…




Well into Cat’s Meow it goes and I’m glad about that. :banana:

(With a better photo that is. :grin:)



The next two coins are the ones that that really hurt. The 1839-O dime looks just like my 1839 half,(see my type set), that was graded last spring, litte different tone, but both have the same appearance to the crusty surfaces!! I really wanted that coin in my type set, it matches the other circulated silver in that set nicely.


I was looking for an AU50 for this sweet little dime, some much detail that is nicely highlighted by the dark tone. Sorry guys, this coin this going nowhere, (maybe back for another try next year.) lol




And if they graded the Bust Quarter why not this Trade Dollar, surfaces look the same to me? Bagged for improper cleaning. I have been told that circulated silver from the 1800’s is a real hit and miss thing when trying to get slabbed.


I also feel just because NGC won’t holder them doesn’t make them bad coins, it just one of the games in this hobby today, I'll always keep this coin around.



(These photo was from an earlier time when I knew less about photographing coins)



The 1804 Half Cent was the other the other maybe, an old clean job that had probably toned back enough for “market acceptance” is what I was told, bagged for scratches is what it got. In the photo I can see a few scratches, opps…

Was hoping for VF something and sticking her in the old type set.





Lastly there’s a 1915 Quarter-eagle, AU maybe, sorry no photo until it come back.


I wanted it graded because I don’t know gold that well, and would feel better if it was slabbed. It was bagged for improper cleaning.


The half cent and the quarter eagle will be going up for sale, if interested, drop me a note. (thumbs u


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I can see why the body bagged the 1838-O dime. The toning there has probably etched its way into the surfaces of the coin. As such I could see a BB for "environmental damage."


And I'm sorry, there is no way I would grade that coin AU-50. An AU-50 must have some luster within the stars and letters, and by the looks of it I'd say that coin is dull gray-black. Sharpness is only ONE aspect of the AU. AU's need to have luster.


The grade for the quarter and body bag for the Trade Dollar are totally inconsistent. Both coins have been cleaned, but in the past such coins could have called “market acceptable.” I’ve heard it said the services relax the standards for cleaning on older coins, but they didn’t do that for me. I got a body bag on this 1796 half dime and ended up costing me a bundle. It's appearance is similar to your two coins.




The half cent is really a cleaned VF. As such I might consider a body bag for the cleaning, but giving it one for "scrached" is just plain silly. The scratches are not that bad, and they are consistent for a 200 year old copper coin in that grade. But like I've written here many times before, if you can figure out the standards for body bags on early copper, you are smarter than I am. hm

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But like I've written here many times before, if you can figure out the standards for body bags on early copper, you are smarter than I am.


Sorry no answers here (shrug)


But I would like to know that and early silver deal too.


I forgot to mention the 1839-O dime was bagged for improper cleaning like two of the other bag jobs; the half cent would have sounded better with improper cleaning. :insane:



I would disagree that this dime couldn’t grade out for lack of luster, as an example here’s my Bust Dime which has no luster and is in an AU55 holder.




What this really shows is a lack of consistency on the part of NGC as to what is market acceptable in 150+ year old coins and that’s the frustrating thing.

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Paul B---- I know that you want 'honest' feedback here. Frankly, I would have BB the Bust Quarter---for cleaning. But, having said that----Why not slab the Trade Dollar then too?? Even though I would have BB it too. So, agree with you that it seems 'somewhat' funny and inconsistent. But, maybe there was ANOTHER reason?? That again is WHY I would like to get more feedback from them on any coin that gets a BB. "Just PLEASE tell us why you graders thought that way".


Am usually in total agreement with what Bill Jones says. Old school thinking. But, even though the 1839-0 dime may have toning that 'may have' etched into the coin's surfaces----I really DO LIKE the coin from what I can see from the pictures. And I would slab that piece all day long IMHO---unless there is something in hand that would bother me.


As to the 1804---probably is 'market acceptable'. These coins, IMHO, were probably worth the risk----but certainly questionable. Why anyone would have given you an 80% chance that they would slab----beyond me. I would have given you 80--20 against them slabbing. Except for the 39--0 dime which I would have definitely slabbed.


Your experience just proves the uncertainty of the system. You plays the GIANT GAME and you take your chances. When I submit these days---coins that I am unsure of----just go to ANACS. Just not worth going thru what you have experienced. You just do not get the chance to ask WHY---you do not get a complete explanation at all---and it tends to ruin your coin 'ego' when you see your money gone without getting a slab. In NGC's behalf, I would rather that they be tight than loose. But it does seem to be frustrating at times. In the end, however, it does tend to make us better guessers as to what will and what won't slab. The risk comes down to about 20 bucks a coin. Again, my sympathy. Bob [supertooth]

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Bob, I like your comments and couldn’t agree with you more, I’ve slabbed many coins over the years and had my doubts about is group, (they are the last of what I have raw for a reason) and wouldn’t had ever bothered with couple of them.


I don’t complain too often about NGC and this experience won’t change my feelings towards them, overall I’m satisfied with their grading standards, providing this forum is great and the fact I can put both NGC and PCGS slabs in my online sets is fantastic.


You gotta just put experiences like this one in the ol’ memory box and learn from it. And being able to post here really helps a guy vent, (get a little sympathy) discuss, and get the opinions from other collectors, I’ve appreciate every ones replies and comments, thanks guys! (thumbs u


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